Thursday, January 12, 2012

thrifty thursday :: creative & frugal gift ideas

Ready for some thriftiness?

I’m so excited about these creative, frugal gifts I’m sharing with you today!

The coolest thing? They were not gifts I gave, but gifts I received this Christmas! I thought they were so fantastic. and even better- they can be given year-round.

My sweet sister-in-law, Cayse, gave me this beautiful book box:


I was really excited about the box, but I was thrilled when I opened it and found this:


She made me a box full of Scriptures she thought I would love, and wrote them all by hand y’all! I couldn’t imagine a more meaningful, lovely gift! It is so special to me!

I just love her. My brother did a very, very wonderful thing marrying her, didn’t he?


And my husband held up his reputation for crazy fun gifts this year too.

Just one example of his past gifts: for my 26th birthday, he gave me a tin of York peppermints:


Inside it I found this:


It was a ring he’d made for me by hammering a 1944 quarter for hours and hours.  :) Inside the ring you can still read, “Liberty, Quarter Dollar, United States of America, 1944.”

He’s such an awesome man. I did good too, didn’t I? :D

So anyway, after all the presents had been opened on Christmas Day, he brought me this box:


I honestly had no idea what it could be. I didn’t ask for anything in particular, and he’d already given me lots of things, so I was really thrown for a loop when he handed me this one. I cautiously opened the edge of the box, took a peek inside, and was a little freaked out to see an old towel! I don’t know why, but thoughts of live creepy animals came to mind!

I decided to go all the way and opened it to find this aluminum foil contraption:


It took me a few seconds to figure out what it was, but I couldn’t stop laughing when I did!


It was a homemade ice-sculptured heart with a shopping card inside!

Ah, I love him.

The man knows how to melt a girl’s heart.

hee hee.

And I can’t forget another frugal gift that was another one of my favorites!

My bestie Abbie and I always exchange Christmas gifts every year, and this year one of the gifts she gave me was this new in the box Pottery Barn charging station! I think my jaw actually dropped when I opened it! I love PB, and I know how much these things cost.


So I couldn’t stop oohing and aahing, and because we’re so much alike, she knew I would be as much, if not more excited by knowing how much she paid for it! :D

Yeah, you wanna know too right?

$5. At the Pottery Barn outlet!

Now that’s a seriously awesome find, even for thrifters like us!

I have the most amazing family and friends, don’t I? :D

They knew just how to bless me with gifts that were thoughtful, creative and frugal this year!

What thrifty things have you been up to? Wanna share? Leave me a comment with your link and I’ll add your thrifty posts here!

Kristin’s adorable recycled winter baby dress:

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