Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{what I wore this week} is green an accessory? edition

Ah, Wednesdays. You are fun. I get to talk about exciting, silly things like clothes on your day! It’s so much fun to be a woman. :D

I started doing what I wore this week posts to get motivated to get up and get dressed every morning for my family. I think it actually worked and I’m in the habit of getting dressed every day, even though I have to teach a fitness class every weekday afternoon! {it was a big improvement for me to get out of my daily uniform of black polyester Nike wear!}.

It’s been such a fun challenge, and you guys are so very sweet and encouraging- and so motivating for me to keep getting ready every day! {my husband thanks you! and I do too!}

And thank you Lindsey, for inspiring women to get dressed each day, and for making Wednesdays extra sweet!

So, to celebrate this lovely day- just for fun, I have a little quiz for you!
Can you tell me the difference between these two outfits?


I hope you got it! It was hard, but I knew you could!

the answer:

It’s what happens to your outfit after five minutes in Texas.

{It’s like 70 one moment and then before you turn around it’s 49!
No joke! Does this happen where you live too? Or is it only here?}

Oh well. It gives me an excuse to love jackets, anyway.


I just can’t decide if I love jackets more or the color green.

Combine the two and I will fall in love every.single.time.

Anyway, cognac riding boots are right up there with them- they must be my second favorite accessory {or is it my third? Jackets, the color green, and boots. That’s it. Third.}


Deep blue-greens haunt me too.


I bet you have an accessory that you’re haunted by too, don’t you?

One that you are eerily drawn to in every store- even Goodwill?

Accessories can wield so much power over a woman. It’s scary.


My fourth favorite accessory?




I told you accessories could be scary.


Have a lovely Wednesday, friends!

{oh, and you’ll have to wait for food on Friday for the rest of the knife story! ;)}

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