Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{what i wore this week} restyling it edition

I went on a date last weekend! Exciting, right? ;)

That’s definitely big news around here these days! :D Finding a willing babysitter for four little kids is quite a feat. Well, that and paying her. {so worth it!}

I ate the most amazing lettuce wraps, an entire plate of sushi {maybe my very favorite food ever!}, sweet tarts, and birthday cake frozen yogurt! Oh, and watched a movie in there somewhere.

It was a good thing we stopped for an outfit pic before all the indulging started! :)

I wore this outfit from last year {sweater- Loft, $16, and dress American Eagle, $10ish} and added the skinnies {$10 from Dillard’s} for the cold:


I love my Tulle coat I snagged last year for $25 at Marshalls. It has a hood and sweet button cuffs!


and of course, the most versatile shoes ever- the gray leather wedges from Marshall’s {Jessica Simpson, $20}:


I wear them all the time! Here’s proof- another outfit they went with this week:

{cords- AE, $9, Target sweater $17, jewelry, $1.29, and $2 from Goodwill}

Oh, and remember that top from this summer?


I added my favorite Target sweater and made it work for me in winter too! ;)


Do you find yourself wearing the same thing over and over again? Me too!

Like these $6 American Eagle trousers from Goodwill {and the gray wedges! did you spot ‘em?}:


I wore them again this week with an unusual combo for me- cream and yellow from the Gap {outlet clearance $20, $13} paired with my other fave Goodwill items- my bracelet $1, earrings $2, and my vintage Italian leather heels, $5.


And remember this $15 polka-dot dress from last year?


I’m liking it in winter too!!

It was a Target find that I’ve worn over and over again:



I added my Frye boots and a $3 pair of Gap tights to change it up a little!


Turquoise tights just make me happy. I’m so loving the colorful tight trend this year! :D

So tell do you take your clothes from summer to winter?


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