Wednesday, January 04, 2012

{what I wore this week} christmas vacation edition

Okay, I have to tell you- it was so, so nice to have an easy week like the last one! I got to spend lots of time with family, sleep in, and really just enjoyed seeing more of my husband and relaxing a bit. It was lovely! I enjoyed getting dressed even more than usual after getting 9 hours of sleep a night! :D

I got to mix in some new items with old this time- my hubby took me on a special day out last week to do after-Christmas clearance shopping at the Gap Outlet and I scored some sweet deals! I was so excited! And I got a few really fun finds from a Goodwill in Dallas too. :D

Here are a few of my mixed {well-rested! :P} outfits from last week:


This sweater and belt is from Target, $9 and $3, the shirt is from AE, $9, and the jeans are eBayed Hudson’s, $27. The leather wedges are Jessica Simpson from Marshall’s, $20.


a new and old outfit! Gap t-shirt, $3, cardigan, $8, jeans- Goodwill, BKE, $6, belt, AE, $9, Steve Madden flats from Ross, $17.


And on my fun shopping trip, I found this little baby at Goodwill, brand new from Fossil for $12.99! :D I have been looking for a camera bag that would actually hold my camera since we got it last year! I wanted leather in my wildest dreams, and hey! Goodwill made my dreams come true! :P

I’m still in love with my Old Navy ruffle shirt I bought last year. I think I got it for $12? Yellow and stripes? Super fun, paired with my $3 cardigan and my $7 skinny jeans from Goodwill.



This was a Christmas Gap/thrifted outfit: the sheer shirt was from the Gap, $8, and the sweater was a splurge at almost $20! Gap sweaters last forever- I wash and wear them all year long and they don’t fall apart or lose their shape like my Target ones do.

I didn’t know whether I liked it with the sweater more or without! What do you think? :)


The jeans were thrifted AE- $7, and the boots were a spring eBay find!

And that camera bag!! :D It’s one of those sweet little joys in life. I can imagine it going all over the world with us in the next few decades. :)


How about you? Did you find any ways to stretch your Christmas money with sales/clearance deals {or Goodwill specials!} last week? :)


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