Monday, February 20, 2012

monday update : full heart edition {week of feb. 20, 2012}

Last week my friend Jennifer texted me to tell me she had an extra ticket to the Mom Heart conference with Sally Clarkson in Dallas, and she invited me to go with her! I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I called my husband and he really wanted to me to go!

All the details fell into place, and I got to spend the weekend with these awesome ladies, soaking in Sally’s words of truth from the Source:IMG_8702

It was such a wonderful weekend.

I had never heard Sally speak before, and I was so encouraged by her stories and by the Word she shared with us!



I got to meet some of the sweetest girls! It was so funny how I didn’t know many girls there, but I’ve never felt more at home among a group of women!


And you might remember Jennifer from our pics at the So Vintage Market! I just love her! I was so blessed because she invited me to to the conference. She was a speaker at one of the conference workshops too- and I was so sad I had to miss her speak! I made her promise to give it to me in person later! :D {we stayed up talking til past 3 a.m. but we didn’t get to it! so I’m waiting to get it next time we get together, Jenn! ;) }


But my late coming was actually quite fortuitous- it allowed me to sneak in and sit by this lovely girl named Leigh who was from Lubbock!


I felt like we’d been friends forever. She was such a sweet lady! We got to visit over dinner and the whole next day too!

And speaking of dinner, here’s our first course at the luncheon:


It was so lovely to be served. Oh my!

And I even got to meet a few blogging and twitter friends too!

I’m stealing this picture from Kat from Inspired to Action! {She’s in the middle! Isn’t she so adorable?!}. She had a #HelloMornings meet-up in the lobby. I’m excited to tell you guys about the challenge soon! You can read more about it here in the meantime!

I also got to meet Courtney from Women Living Well and Angela from Good Morning Girls! They are every bit as sweet in person as they are on their blogs! Oh my goodness, I love them!! :D

It was such a lovely weekend, and I even came home to a clean house you guys! AHHH! :D

This week I’m catching up on sleep, processing what I learned from the conference, finishing last week’s goals, and getting ready for another conference this weekend! {funny thing- I’ve been to zero conferences in the last few years and I get to go to two in a week’s time! :D so thankful for sweet husbands who step in and give their wives a huge break!}.

But more than anything, I’m really enjoying being a mommy this week! What an awesome blessing to come back re-energized and excited to spend time with my kids. :D

Praying for a great and peaceful week for you, friends!

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