Thursday, February 16, 2012

thrifting finds + an anthropologie mug look-alike


I mentioned on Monday that I scored a few fun thrifted finds last weekend in Dallas- I was looking for more $10 business items to sell, but I didn’t really find any bags or awesome steals. Saturday night is not the best time to find thrifted items-  it’s the one day everyone shops and the staff don’t usually restock like they do on the weekdays.

But I still managed to find a few cute things! We went to two stand-alone thrift stores on the sketchier side of town and even with my all of my thrifting experience, I was surprised at the condition of the stores- clothes were on the floor everywhere, and the items and the stores themselves were very dirty. I’m thinking I will stick with Goodwill and chain stores from now on. :)

Here’s what I found at Goodwill {my knight in shining thrifting armor}:

A pair of Nine West red leather heels: $4.99 {soooo comfy!}


A brand new chair cushion from World Market {that I’d just seen at the actual store the same day!}, $2, and a pair of funky red candle holders, $2 for both.


We scored a pair of girlie crocs for this summer {with 4 kids- we LOVE crocs at our house!}: $2, along with a super cute polka-dot 3T Gymboree sweater for $2.


And a Hollister jacket for $1.99 and this cute dress {that matches the heels!} for $5.99:


And this Dutch Wax mug was a non-thrifted Marshall’s find for $3.99:


And $4 isn’t exactly a steal for a mug, but when you love the $12 Anthropologie version:


You’re very excited to find a look-alike on the cheap! :) I’m finally getting ready for that kitchen renovation next month! I found a few fun things for the kitchen too but those will have to wait for the big reveal! ;) So fun!

Have you found any great deals lately? I’d love to hear! Leave me a link if you wrote about it- I’d love to read about it! :)


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