Tuesday, March 27, 2012

living room spring cleaning | part 2

I'm still spring cleaning, how about you? {it's just so tempting to make that into a cheer... I was actually a cheerleader back in the 5th and 6th grade ;) ... we've got spirit, yes we do!}

One project at a time is my mantra with all these little ones running around. I made some progress on my list for the living room this week!

spring cleaning list for the living room:
wash couch covers
clean blinds
clean ceiling fan 
organize entryway buffet {last week}
dust pictures on walls
organize green radio cabinet
wipe down leather sofa
wash chair cover
wash curtains {if I get to them... ;)}
clean out coffee table cubbies
wipe down windowsills {added this one when I saw them!}

The sofas were my first project this week. The leather one got a good wipe down with water and I took the cushions off of this slipcovered sofa: 

The slipcover really needed another washing! I generally bleach them every three months or so.

and the coffee table cubbies needed some organizing!

a little later: 

and the magazine bucket was full of old magazines, books, legos and craft sticks:

Now it's a tech/devo basket!

I didn't go crazy with the cleaning of the blinds, just a simple wipe down to clean the dust and spots off of them:

Ah, so much better! :D

What little projects have you been tackling this week? :) 

don't forget, you still have a week to enter the big spring cleaning challenge!

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