Wednesday, March 07, 2012

what I wore this week {spring weekend edition}

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A little confession: I enjoyed my plush white robe quite a bit last week.

I’ll spare you the wiww picture {you’re quite welcome}.

After getting ready for Blissdom, I needed a full week of recovery. That and I had to wash all of my clothes from the trip.

I kind of took them all.

That may be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but you might actually believe me if you’d have picked up my suitcase last week.

50.5 lbs. For three days.

And that was just the checked bag.

My carry on was 38 lbs.


And I didn’t tell you about my purse...

Workout? Who needs to work out when you get to carry 100 extra lbs. across an airport or two? ;)

So after the long {3-day} trip I was a bit of a slacker in the clothing department. :) I took it easy and just enjoyed getting back to the routine, and we did a few fun cheap things with the kids.

We’ve been taking advantage of the early spring here- we had a lovely time last weekend visiting this gigantic gorgeous flea market in my hometown.

That’s where I’m wearing this springy aqua-green striped shirt I scored at Target for $6, paired with my $9 Gap cardi and a $6 pair of thrifted cropped jeans! Oh and my $20 Fossil bag!


And this was an after church, after lunch, before Sunday nap pic:


The jeans are $7 Seven for All Mankind “A” pockets, and the navy shirt was $12 from Marshall’s. The shoes were thrifted Italian leather finds for $5! And I’m wearing my lisa leonard necklace from Blissdom.

And one more quick shot from last week:


AE trousers, $6, Gap sweater, $20, Gap shirt - dollars? it was something under $20...

I scored these wedges on sale at Payless for $11. I love ‘em!


I think they’d so go with this $76 dress that I want to recreate. What do you think?


Too much yellow? Does it channel summer to you too? Ahh, I can see it now...the lake, the watermelon, the picnics... :D

I’m going to have to go find a mustard-yellow-eyelet-something and make it into a skirt.

That and find a watermelon....

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