goals update march/april '12

I was happy with all we did in March! The goals I set back in January have really helped define my year!

I'm okay when I don't get to everything in one month- plans change- but I'm thrilled with how much  I've been able to focus on specific goals this year! :D

Here's how I did on my March goals:

  • remodel kitchen- paint/refinish cabinets and walls - we went a different direction and worked on the family closet instead- we built new cabinets, which we completed! yay!
  • plant early garden veggies-  done for the most part- waiting on the garden to be tilled
  • work on adding more freezer meals as I can - did nothing here. Making extra meals just wasn't in the cards this month. That's okay!
  • finish crocheting scarf- I'm almost done with this, but I really messed it up and I don't even want to finish it. What to do now? :P Who really needs a winter scarf in Texas anyway, right? 
  • work on two big spring cleaning projects - I crossed off most of my living room spring cleaning projects, and I've been sorting through the children's clothing as well. Winter clothes are officially out. :P
  • Memorize  1 Peter 2:1-12 - almost there! video soon! :DD
  • sweet- surprise the kids with an unexpected trip to the park - we had fun with this. Not only did we go to the park, we went to see the Lorax, and did special activities at home, and even made them special food as a surprise. I love seeing their precious faces when we do something for them they don't expect. :D success!

and here are my April goals:

  • complete 30 days of the original food diet- my new plant-based diet
  • reorganize pantry {perfect for cleaning out processed foods, right? ;)}
  • freezer cooking {perfect for easier natural food prep!}
  • finish spring cleaning the living room and family closet/pantry
  • Memorize 1 Peter 2:13-25 + new fitness choreography
  • merciful: show mercy to each child when they don’t deserve it as possible {this will be interesting!}

What are your goals for April? :D

don’t forget to enter the spring cleaning challenge to win a washer and dryer! Only 2 more days!


josie said...

hi, mandy! thanks so much for posting your goals. i did a lot of goal setting at the beginning of the year and have fallen woefully behind. your post today was a great reminder that i just need to keep plugging away and, eventually, things will get done!

Sarah Cowles said...

Thanks for posting your goals. This has given me inspiration to do the same. I'm hoping this will keep me focused and reminded!

petejessnewland said...

Wow - I am so happy i discovered your blog last night! I am really inspired by your goals concept. I am going to do the same. Thank you for your online ministry! I too am a busy mom of 4 and am discovering blogging.

Jenny said...

Mandy, I was wondering if you could share a few of your freezer meals on your blog? This is something I'd love to start doing, but would like to get a few good ideas! :)

mandyBH said...

Sure! I hope to get to soon! :)