Friday, April 06, 2012

the original food diet | week 1

Chicken McNuggets.

I haven’t had them in years but they were all I could think about as I drove by McDonald’s one day this week.

I saw old Mickey D’s and all of the sudden, I could smell them. I could taste them. I needed a chicken nugget.

And any other day of the year, I wouldn’t eat one! Sheesh.

I didn’t cave, don’t worry. :)

But that’s pretty much been the story of this week.


I like vegetables…I really do…but I won’t lie. This week has been mentally hard.

I love food. Apparently I love a lot of fake food. I love sweet and sour {high fructose corn-syruped} dressings, I love chocolate chip granola bars, I love half and half creamer. The real Land O’ Lakes kind. I love Diet Dr. pepper and Splenda. Oh, how I love{d} me some Splenda. I miss my Splenda.

But I like a challenge too. And even more, I’m liking the fact that I really can live without those things!

I’ve only eaten plant-based natural products for the past five days with two exceptions: Sunday we had communion with bread, and one morning I was groggy and hungry and dishing out the cereal and I ate a couple of cheerios before I realized what had happened.

I don’t think Jesus would have been happy if I’d rejected the communion bread on the grounds of “I only want to eat what you made…” ;) And the second one was totally a pre-coffee accident, so that doesn’t count, right?

Let me tell you, I had the hardest time going to the grocery stores. I’ve been to the store at least five times this week. It’s insane! :)

On Sunday I started with soy milk in my coffee. And it tasted terrible. Ehhh… soy just isn’t for me. Then I tried pureeing rice, and it still reminded me of the soy.

So then I tried a banana and that left all this funky brown junk all over my cup. And then I tried dried natural coconut {blended up}, and I liked it! The next night I went back to Walmart and bought a can of it! And it really tastes like creamer!! Hallelujah! :)

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve eaten this week:IMG_9941IMG_9934IMG_9904IMG_9895IMG_9887

How I Feel After 5 Days

The biggest change I noticed with the new diet is that my blood sugar doesn’t drop out anymore. I used to get these noticeable drops where I felt anxious and like I needed to eat sugar or bread, and now I don’t go there. I just get tired when I don’t eat, which is so much better than the feeling of the b.s. drop out.

At the beginning of the week I was able to do my normal two classes/hours each day, but by Thursday I was feeling pretty drained at the end of one hour. I eat when I’m hungry, but I think I may need to be more intentional about timing my grain intake.

Other than the crazy unnatural craving for McNuggets, I’m not having any real withdrawal symptoms. Yay!

I’m trying to keep a little food journal/blog over here if you want to follow along- I’ll be sharing little bits here and there over at my new original food blog in between Fridays!

Oh, and here’s my very favorite thing I made this week: Tex-Mex black-bean and avocado lettuce wraps:


I loved every.single.bite. Yum. {recipe coming soon!}

How were your first five days? Were they easier or more challenging than you thought they would be?
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