thrifty pinterest love

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite thrifty Pinterest finds today!

here's a DIY anthropologie belt that I just LOVE:

And here's a tutorial for keeping the original hem on your jeans. So easy!
I need to do this on a few pairs of mine!

An adorable use for mason jars that would be perfect for my kitchen:

and here's the lamp that I want to do in my laundry room:

I have a recipe for nut tacos {mawahahah, I'm re-creating everything meatless!} that could use this seasoning:

and for all of you Target clearance shoppers, here's the markdown schedule for Target! Score! 
You can find me here on Pinterest if you like that sort of thing! :D

What thrifty projects have you found on Pinterest lately? I'd love to see or hear! 

Leave me a link to your page- I would like to follow you over there! :D


Lisa McMann said...

I'm already following you on Pinterest! Thanks!! I have so many recipes to try and things I wanna do. And read. I should probably quit "pinning" :-)

jgoldinger1 said...

I love the doiley lampshade that they made.... i just can never seem to find enough doileys to keep for myself!

Mandyslovelylife said...

love that belt! following you, i'm here...

Kistihuffman said...

I've tried the blue jeans great.

Heidi (Dearlylovedmist) said...

Oh my...thank you so much for posting that hemming link! I have a pair of jeans I have to hem for my hubby (a too long Goodwill find) and I remembered reading about that a long time ago, but forgot where I read it. So, thank you!!!

Jessicamumford said...

My Pinterest, my love:

Danica Davis said...

Here is my interest account....

I have almost all the stuff to make the doily lamps but not the balloons. I can't find giant balloons. I want that BELT!!!!! Thanks for posting!!

Bethany said...

Hi Mandy!

I was so excited when I saw this--I host a Pinterest Party on the first Sunday of every month (which is--eek!--in 3 days!) and would love it if you wanted to link up!

I found you through Amanda of Royal Daughter Designs, and have been poking around your site all morning :) I love it!

Blessings on your weekend!

♥ Bethany