Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what i wore this week {in living color edition}

wondering what this series is about? read here to find out more… :)

So I've been looking for a pair of white skinny capris all year long, and I finally found them at Goodwill the week before Labor Day. 

I suppose the "no white after Labor Day" rule {albeit an old-school one} doesn't apply when you are in Texas and September 2 feels more like July 2 everywhere else. :)

And honestly, when you find a pair of white capris for $1.99, you can't help but wear them, even if it is  after the first week of September... 

Mustard is kind of fallish, anyway, right? ;) I thought I loved the color, but I'm not so sure after seeing these pics. What do you think? Should I stay away?

Either way a lisa leonard necklace is always in style...

and color is always in, right? ;)

 I say any reason to wear red peep-toe wedges is a good one. :)

Speaking of style talk... Abbie and I had a chance to go eat and do some Target shopping before the baby girls come:

And, yes, there are two 38.5 week babies in there...somewhere! I still can't believe it! She looks amazing!

We tried to coax them out with spicy pizza and Target shopping, but they won't budge as of yet. We had fun trying, anyway! :)

We were attempting to take a self-pic before we left the restaurant and saw someone coming up behind was Jenny and Lacey! We ended up chatting with these sweet girls for a while!

Ah, they were such fun. :) We need to hang out with them more often!!

After we left, we headed out to Target for a late night run and tried on lots of fun things, like these polka-dot cardigans:

I loved the teal, and she liked the orange:

But neither one of us were willing to fork over the $23 they wanted. Target, we love you, but not that much. We also like your indigo faux suede flats. Please make them $10 instead of $15 and we would buy them. Thank you.

We had a great time, and I promised Abbie I'd help her carry one of the girls next time we went. ;) Pray that happens soon! :D

Oh, and if you're wondering which outfit I chose from last week's Goodwill run, color won again:

I was thinking I would wear it on our 10th anniversary trip we're taking soon. :)

I really, really liked this one more, but it was two sizes too big. :( 

It's hard to tell from the pic, but it looked more schlumpy in person, and the underlining was hanging a bit too low, and the armpits were too wide. I totally wanted to alter it, but I knew I'd probably mess it up with all the extra layers. But after all of you liked it so much, I might need to go back and try to find it! Apparently, it looked better than I thought! :D 

So what have you tried on at Target and loved lately? I'm getting in the mood for fall!  

Let me know what you think about the mustard color with red hair- I need a second opinion! :D


Jamie said...

I just bought two of their faux wrap v-neck shirts. So amazing! I think I need more in every color.

Abbie (Five days... 5 ways) said...

You should definitely go track down that INC shirt...and then give it to me...and then I'll wear it...six months from now when I get my back waist back. : )

Katie Shannon said...

Wow!!! Your friend looks amazing! I had my twins at 36 weeks and looked like...wellllll no where near as beautifully as she's holding up!

cmvsanity said...

I'm a fellow redhead, and also struggle with wearing brighter colors. I LOVE color, but tend to think I look better in neutrals, blues, or greens. I think you look fine in the mustard, but it may be better if it were a bit of a warmer shade. I think butter yellows look nice on us redheads.


Jelli said...

What great photos! You and Abbey both look great in the brights you two tried on shopping together. I'm a big fan of the red hair + mustard. The contrast is really pretty. Found you from the pleated poppy.

Rachel G said...

I think you really can pull off mustard! I don't think I could, but it actually looks good on you. And the labor day rule...if it applies anywhere, it definitely doesn't apply in TX!

Amanda Cobb said...

I think the mustard color looks great on you! Makes your awesome hair stand out even more, and compliments it. :)

I also love those polka dot cardigans at Target, but they definitely need to drop the price a bit!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

I agree- as long as it's warm white is totally acceptable! Love you red wedges!


Nicole said...

I think you pull off wearing that mustard color! I love it and just bought a top in that same color. I made a trip to Target last week and posted a couple new pics on my blog this week. Stop by and check it out:

I'm excited to be following your blog now. Can't wait to read more!

Serena Ali said...

You guys are the cutest! I just left Target and bought the orange/white polkadot cardigan! I found your blog at The Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday link up. I have found many inspirations on your blog. I am now following you and can’t wait to see what’s next. Feel free to stop by my blog when you get a moment @



Jenna said...

I'm so jealous of your long red hair. My hair is curly like yours, but a lot thinner so it looks pretty awful when I let it grow past my shoulders. What I wouldn't give for long, full hair!

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