{daily routines} free printable planner

Do you have a daily routine in place at your house?

We do, but it’s definitely not planned. We usually do the same things at home each day, but some days I get off track and need a reminder of how to productively fill my time. And I’m finding the kids need the same reminder.

Surprisingly, the older they get, the more direction they need to fill up their day. {After nine years of parenting, I finally heard the dreaded “I’m bored”…I quickly assigned them a few chores and all of the sudden they weren’t so bored anymore? hmmm… ;)}.

I have never been a fan of being on a repetitive “schedule”… I figure I must be too uptight about it. ;) I’d rather have no schedule at all than to feel like I’m never going to live up to the one I wrote. I’m goofy like that. :)

I do like getting things done though, and I like the idea of routines, so I created this little printable planner for my notebook:


I won’t be able to follow my own written routine sometimes, and I’m okay with that. I probably will never follow it perfectly. But writing down ideas of tasks to fill my day in a good order helps me out when I get distracted. :)

What do you think?

Do you follow a routine at home?

Or do you prefer to leave your day more open?


If you like to plan routines, here’s the printable for you! :)

download the {daily routines} planner here


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Hannah said...

After your post with {the plan} printable I realized I need to divide my tasks between when my children are awake and goals for naptime because some days they aren't balanced which can be discouraging at the end of the day. It is like you read my mind with this printable...thank you!

Adrienne Reina said...

I love this....I have been looking for some print out for this year to get organized. Thank you for sharing these with us, your amazing!!

mandyBH said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad it's what you were looking for!! :D Blessings to you, Adrienne!

Erica from Cincinnati said...

have you ever tried the Cozi App... ?

I love that you can build out menus/meals and grocery lists on the app.

also tracks school activities, a family journal (I use the journal to
jot down things/verses that move me at church) and you can add
grandparent rights to view upcoming events (works great for sports
activities, school plays) Each person get's a color (and another color
for an event using all the group)... When kid's get older, they too will
get their own log-ins and will be someone responsible for planning
their calendar (ie skating party reminders, sleep overs)

like our kids at the age of 13, to start to learn to have good time
management skills (which will help them be successful in life with their
friends, school, work)

just a tool I use to and thought I'd pass it along!

mandyBH said...

i haven't used it that I know of. It sounds really awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

hi, i just found this blog which i can say u r awesome! u can u so much things and i love to read your blog. thanks for sharing it with us :)