cheap dates, faux pedicures, and my new favorite diaper bag

Our house is feeling very strange this morning. And very, very quiet.

Here's what the back of the Tahoe looked like yesterday:
My mom has the kiddos at her place for a few days of their spring break, and I'm not sure what to do with myself! :) I have never been at home without kids for more than a few hours. Seriously. :)

About five minutes after we dropped them off, Rob asked "do you hear that?" and I looked at him and laughed and said, "silence? .... ooooh, it's okay, honey..." He was a little sad! {oh, I love how much he loves them.} I'm not the talker of the family {are you surprised? I still am}, so the silence doesn't bother me too much. :)

We came home, and I took a nap, then we went on a fun date last night... and in true thrifty Thursday fashion, I have to share this pic of our $5 piece of Italian Creme Cake:
And yes, that is an entire cake. :)

Here's a cheap frugal tip: if you hate spending $5 on a small piece of freezer-burned cake at a fancy bistros like we do, head to the nearest grocery store bakery and eat all the fresh cake you want for the same price... :)

Now that's what I'm talking about. That man knows how to speak my love language. {And see how the cake is turned toward me? He's the perfect husband, I tell you.}

With all my free time today, I was extremely tempted to go get my toenails painted now that it's getting harder to bend over in the front... ;) But even having no kids to worry about, for some reason I hated the idea of spending $15-$30 to get my toenails painted. I used to love going every now and then when the kids were little- it was so relaxing and totally worth the money to get away and have pretty nails. :)

But for the last year or so I haven't wanted to go spend the money, so I always end up doing it myself at the last minute and end up just as happy- especially after the kids step on my toes five minutes later! But I am definitely weird and like cutting my own hair too... :P

So I thought long and hard about it today, and ended up just doing a quick coat with one of my favorite colors- High Roller from Ulta:

And now I'm thinking about using the money I "saved" {ha!} to go to Goodwill and buy a whole outfit, and then go eat lunch? :) It's always crazy when you start putting spending money in GW terms... :P

Or I could just put it back in the bank after investing in this sweet little diaper bag. I found it at a secondhand store for half of what they're going for on eBay right now! :) I was so, so excited, and I loved the aqua color! :D

I'm hoping to use it until the baby doesn't need it anymore, then sell it for more than what I paid on eBay. :D Even if I don't make a profit, I'm thinking I'll at least get my money back from it. :)

Oh, and I wanted to tell you one more thing... the random $5 winner from Monday is:

Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies. I saw it on Broadway this summer. It was incredible.

Kristen, please email me when you get the chance, and I'll send your cash over! :D

What's your favorite diaper bag brand? 
Petunia Pickle Bottom has constantly been my favorite because I can always resell them! :D

Do you have a frugal {and a little weird} date story too?
sshhh, don't tell.... for our 9th anniversary we watched Netflix at McDonald's in the Playland because it was better than the movies and there were no kids around... lol!

What do you do without kids at home?
Someone please tell me, I have no idea!


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

great post, girl! you look so happy. :)

Ashley said...

So I've recently become enamored with Goodwill and decided to try my hand at buying items and reselling them. I'm not sure I'm any good at this, though! I thought I bought some good pieces (Gap & Isabella Oliver maternity jeans, both for $8.99/piece) and have listed them on Craigslist and my local yard sale pages, but have had ZERO contacts. :-( I'm so upset!

Ulrika said...

Hehe, actually I've pretty much never been away from my kids apart from a few hours at a time and never together with my husband. :D He's the one who usually watches them if I need to do something. I've been to the hairdresser twice since Noah was born and I've participated in one choir project at church. That's about it. The only time hubs and I have spent together without kids (I mean other than when they're sleeping in another room :D) since Noah was born was when we were at the hospital for Levi's birth. LOL! That's got to count as a wonderful and very frugal date too though, considering what you get for the money you pay. :D (A c-section in Sweden where healthcare is funded by tax money costs the mother SEK 80 per care night at the hospital, and I don't remember what the cost is if the partner wants to stay over but it's something like 120 or 240 per night or something. 1 USD is about 6.5 SEK, so you do the math.;))

Ashley said...

Actually, they were $7.99/piece. Maybe I paid too much?! Can you tell I'm a newbie to the re-sale world??!

Kristen said...

Love a cake date like that! So sweet. And I'm excited to have won your Mary Poppins giveaway. I sent you an email as requested!

Mmolesy said...

What do I do when I don't have my 7 (yes 7, aged 9 & under) I buy embarrassing loads of junk food, watch a movie with hubby and sleep in. :-) doesn't happen very often though. People tend to scream in horror when I ask, 'say, would you mind looking after 7 kids for the night?' Lol.

Emily Silva said...

Love your diaper bag! Wish I could find awesome deals like that...thrift shopping with my two toddler boys is too hard :( they are so impatient when I start looking through the racks!

cal+claire said...

So fun! We just got some great news about a health issue with our little one, and this is how we celebrate: We buy a pint of ben and jerry's from the grocery store and eat it while watching a movie after the babe is a sleep. So good. And cheap.
Sometimes we like to read together too, it's not very romantic (although super cheap) but getting that quiet can be so great

Morgan Hagey said...

I would clean the heck outta my house and then run around and enjoy all the floor space until they came home and scattered things everywhere.

Then I'd eat slowly.

And take a nap.

Then I'd miss them terribly and want them to come home.

Mandy said...

Hey girlie! I wanted to share something I've learned in my reselling years- Clist and yard sale shoppers are almost always super cheap- they want a great deal, and most often you won't be able to sell clothing there- you will have much better luck with eBay for sure. You have a huge audience looking for your very item on eBay. Gap is a very mid-range price at retail so maternity jeans might sell quickly on eBay for $15-$20, but by then you would have only made a few $ profit after fees so you might want to stick with high end like Citizens, 7's, Joe's, Paige, Miss Me, etc. to resell so you can make it worth your time. High end maternity usually does very well on eBay. If you're in the thrift store, check eBay completed listings on your phone before you buy too to see if you can make a profit.

Clist and yard sales are great for big ticket items like workout equipment, tv's, yard stuff, furniture, and occasionally purses, and anything you want to sell at a bargain price. Everyone is very cheap on there. :) I haven't had luck selling clothes but I have had luck selling a few purses on there- Coach and Louis Vuitton.

I hope that helps! It just takes time to figure out what sells and doesn't and where to sell things! :D Great job!

Mandy said...

aww thank you friend!

Ashley said...

Thanks, girl! That will be a MAJOR help! :)

Mandy said...

hahahah! :D I have a feeling I'm not far from that! LOL! Five sounds like way more than four! :P I'm wondering how much everything will change the more little ones we have. :)

Mandy said...

I understand! it makes it so much harder with kiddos in tow. I went to one like Plato's Closet where everything is organized by size and it makes it so much faster to shop! Totally worth the extra $ not to have to search everything out. :D

Mandy said...

Oh congrats on the good news! :) There's nothing like relaxing in your pjs in your own house! :D There's something special about it! :D

Mandy said...

hehehe! I'm thinking you have a great plan there! And I could even read...while I eat! :D hey!

Mandy said...

I remember those days for sure! We didn't have a night alone either until the 2nd one came along at the hospital! :D

Maria @mommydoeshair said...

What do we do without the kids? Catch up on our DVR playlist!

Anna McCrary said...

I clean my house when my 3 kiddos are gone. So when they get home, they can destroy it again. :)

I also enjoy going to Target alone and taking my time walking up and down aisles that "mommy likes". Plus, it is really nice to sit down at home and not "have" something to do, no baths, no diapers, just relaxation.

Of course, this is good for a day, then I am ready for the chaos, and need them back lol.

JoyBelle said...

It's RARE I don't have kids or a kid at home! Super rare!!! If and when I do I sleep, deep clean, read as many books as I want in bed... I'm not really a spa kind of girl but the older I get and the more babies I have - I wouldn't mind a good massage or something.

Mandy said...

I know what you mean! the days are so much longer when they leave, aren't they? :P

Mandy said...

sounds like fun! :D

Mandy said...

I've had a couple of massages in my life and they were fun! You should do it someday! :D And I like reading in bed too!!!

mwimp said...

omgosh i luv it all!! what an awesome idea about going to the local grocery bakery, i'm so putting that one in my date ideas.

luv that diaper bag!!

i like to go to the different stores that my 7 yo whines that his feet hurt the minute we step out of the car, lol! usually thrift stores as to his defense i do normally take a ton of time in them and his feet usually end up hurting by the time i'm done. lol!

please dont tell my hubby but i cant remember how we spent some of our anniversary nights. i know our 1st anniversary we 'splurged' and had sonic.