pregnancy update- baby#5 {26 weeks}

wearing my favorite non-maternity pregnancy shirt
 + my DIY dyed jeans
I can't believe it's already been one month since my last baby update. I thought it would be fun to do a questionnaire this time- these are the questions I read on almost every pregnancy update blog, and I always enjoy them! :)

How far along: 26 weeks {almost 3rd trimester already!! crazy!}
Weight gain: average at this point...but I have been pretty hungry lately, so that might change! hahah! I'd like to keep it average until the end- if it's too low, I won't be able to feed the baby very long, too high and I might be painfully pushing out another 9 lb. 9 oz. baby for 3 hours like the first one... ;) So average would be great. Working on a new cookie recipe {pic below} probably doesn't help any in that area though... ;)
Maternity clothes: I wore an old maternity shirt for the first time yesterday and it was too big in the chest... {I'm still not sure how that's possible?!}... I can button most of my jeans, but I wore a bella band one time and it was incredibly nice. I don't have any maternity shirts that really fit me well yet {the baby is so high it makes all of mine look like a tent at the bottom}, and I don't want to buy any for just 12-14 weeks...but I might have to buy a few to make it to the end. 
Stretch marks: not so far this time, thankfully. I think I did all the stretching I needed to do in round 1. That one left me with a few permanent reminders. :)
Sleep: most of the time it's good, but sometimes I have terrible insomnia and wake up at like 4:20 for the day after going to bed at 11-12.
Exercise: Still feeling good- I have been able to stay with my normal workouts and teaching as usual so far {doing less hours per week overall, and at a lower intensity if needed}, and my energy level seems to be getting even better, which is so, so good!
Best moment of this week: being able to run 3+ miles without any discomfort on Wednesday- that was AMAZING! I couldn't stop smiling- the people on the trail kept looking at me like I was crazy. Here was a little of my view from a bridge that gorgeous day:

Miss anything: Seeing my abs and being able to breathe deeply through my nose. I'm hoping they both return soon...
Movement: He's getting much stronger- his kicks are harder, but his moving is still infrequent compared to the other gymnasts I've hosted in utero...
Food cravings: Chocolate frozen yogurt with M&M's still, and lots of grapefruit
Anything making you queasy or sick: I couldn't drink coffee for THREE whole days this week. It was so sad. I didn't even want to smell it, and that's never happened in all of my days. I had half of a cup this morning and am slightly regretting it.

Gender: Boy. 
Have you started to show yet: Yes, I have a definite bowling ball now!
Here's 22 weeks, and today, 4 weeks later- you can see a bigger baby bump for sure: 

Labor signs: I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time. I don't consider them false labor, I think they're my body working out for the real deal in a few weeks. Labor is like the Crossfit games, and BH's are like going to the gym every day to get ready for them! :D
Belly button in or out: out- only in the last 3 pregnancies though! 
Wedding rings on or off: On. I've been able to wear them all but with the first baby.
Happy or moody most of the time: It depends on my exhaustion level that day. I'd say happy most of the time, but way less happy at night when I'm really tired. :(
Looking forward to: A 10th anniversary vacation with the hubs, hopefully before the baby comes! woooohooo!

Did you take a vacation while you were pregnant {or recently, non-pregnant}? Where did you go? We haven't finalized anything yet, so we're still deciding. We're vacation hikers but I know I need to rest too before the baby comes... :)
When did you get BH contractions? Mine have been consistent for at least a few weeks now. 
Do you notice any difference between boy and girl pregnancies? I'm hungry for protein with boys, and am usually less moody with boys than girls. :) That's usually how we predict the genders and are right! :)


Alli said...

Let me first say, I love you blog and the encouragement that it is! Also, I love your "bump-dates"!

As for pregnancy vacations, the hubs and I had planned a trip to Disney World before we got pregnant (our first vacation as a married couple) and we found out the day before that I was pregnant! It was great to celebrate the news with Mickey and Minnie!

Heather Pace said...

Does a trip alone to the bathroom count? No? Then, no. :-( Lol. We do enough traveling without a vacation since both our families are about five hours from us.

I never had BH. With my first, I thought I was having BH at 34 weeks and it hurt so badly I told my husband I wouldn't be able to have him naturally if real labor was much worse. Then, we went to the hospital to get something for the pain and learned I was in real labor. Everything was OK and I had him naturally. :-)
This is only my second and the first girl so I haven't really noticed anything that I could say was definitely because he was a boy or she's a girl but I have somehow been able to tell the gender early in both pregnancies.

And, oh my goodness! You're such a cute pregnant woman!

Anonymous said...

When I was halfway through my pregnancy with #6 we went to the Florida Keys for an early 10th anniversary trip. It was wonderful! That was 6 years ago already and though we have done a lot of weekend trips since then, I am ready for a week long one again, the kind where you really feel like you are getting away!

Jesenia Montanez said...

Mandy, you look so cute pregnant! :) I can't wait to start feeling better, soon enough I hope. Stay blessed, you're almost there! xoxo

Verna said...

I'm 29 weeks today! Lots of braxton hicks too lately, and my belly button is almost out. I've never had an outie before, this is my 3rd pregnancy! ;)

Rebekah Harris said...

Thanks for sharing,I am 10 weeks now and I feel like I have already gained weight because of my junk food cravings!! ;( I am still working out so hopefully that will off set some of my weight gain:) We usually go on vacation to Georgia in the summer but by then I'll be 6 months and I know it will be uncomfortable for me to be in the car for 8 hrs, so I think we are going to just get a hotel on the beach since we live in Florida.

Jessica Murray said...

I am also 26 weeks this week with #3 and also a boy! Definite Braxton Hicks going on. No plans for am extended vaca but would like to do a nice weekend getaway...we'll see!

Mandy said...

oh how fun!! what a special memory too!! :D thank you so much for sharing! :D

Mandy said...

haha thanks! probably not a vaca- though you are one lucky woman to get a bathroom break alone! :D How many weeks are you now? Do they think you'll have this one early?

Mandy said...

I know what you mean!! It's been 2 years for us, and I'm ready! :) something about getting away completely really changes your brain waves for a while! :)

Mandy said...

aawww I hope you do get to feeling better so soon- how many weeks are you now? I didn't start feeling like myself again until 15ish? I hope it goes by quickly if not!

Mandy said...

wohoo! you could be single digits in weeks left to go! :D I wonder why it took us so long to get outies? or will yours break through? hehee!

Mandy said...

oh, wow! that will be fun- you live in a cool vaca spot! yay! congrats on your sweet baby! and the junk food cravings went away at 13 weeks for me- I was so happy to start liking food again! :D

Mandy said...

wohooo for almost 3rd trimester! :D I hope you do get one before the baby comes! :D

Heather Pace said...

I'll be 34 weeks Tuesday. My Dr isn't really sure. My chances are higher and I'm starting to get paranoid about every little pain. The Dr says she'll be fine if she does come early and thinks I may just be one of those women who has babies early. As long as I don't have to leave her in the NICU, I'm fine with having her a little early and under 8 lbs. Lol.

Lauren said...

We're taking a family vacation to the beach when I'll be 35 weeks with #3- a 14 hr drive. I know we're nuts, but I also know it will be a LONG time before we can take a trip like that again after the baby gets here.

Janelle said...

I can. not. believe. you can still button your jeans! I couldn't button mine at eleven weeks! It wasn't because of weight gain either. At eleven weeks I had lost eleven pounds and still couldn't button the jeans I had worn almost every day. When I am pregnant my hips crank right out. It is the weirdest and most uncomfortable thing ever. I can pop my hip joints out of socket. My midwife said it is because I have had the hormone relaxin (or however you spell it) coursing through my body for so many years.
People can finally see my bump though and that has been nice. I have to agree with the protein thing. We had only been eating meat twice a week for about a year and a half now and suddenly I was feeling dizzy and faint. My midwife told me to up my protein and that did the trick. I want meat, I need meat.
You look fantastic and I can't wait to see your baby. I love that part. Twenty-six weeks here to and I can't believe how fast the time is flying. This baby has been in the weirdest positions and am curious over what his personality will be like.
We have a vacation that was pre-planned a year ago right after the baby should be here. Yikes! Hopefully all will go well and I can go.

cal+claire said...

We just found out we are pregnant with #2 and cue the morning sickness for the last week. I have been running a ton (just ran my first half marathon last month), but so far running has been almost impossible with all the sickness. Needless to say, I'm jealous! Here's praying that with this pregnancy the nausea will pass (last time I was losing my lunch for 7+ months).
You look lovely!

Victoria Wilson said...

You're the cutest pregnant mamma EVER :)

Congrats on the progress and best wishes as you head into your last trimester!

JoyBelle said...

I am 33 weeks and I get strong BH contractions! But it is baby #5 for me, too, so maybe they just get more noticeable the more babies you have.

When I was 7-months-pregnant with my son we went camping. During that camping weekend we also went on a 7-mile float trip down a river (I got BURNED to a crisp even though I was slathering on sunscreen constantly! I got a bad sunscreen, even though it said waterproof!!!). It really wasn't bad except for the heat (and burn!). The heat was suffocating and stifling, no breezes, etc. On the water it was fine but the rest of the time not so much! Made me one cranky lady. So if you go camping make sure you stay hydrated and have means to stay cool and not overheat.

Differences between pregnancies - with my girls I could eat chocolate all the livelong day. With my son one bite of chocolate and I'd want to spit it out. I also drank coffee like crazy with my son (I wasn't a coffee person until that pregnancy). With my son I was a carnivore, with the girls I couldn't look at meat. So I've noticed differences. This pregnancy we didn't find out the gender and I have a MIX of all my kids. God knows I want to be surprised so... He's keeping us on our toes!

sophie said...

Hello, I just discovered your blog and I love it! You are a beautiful pregnant woman! Sophie from France (and mother of six!)

Christy Marie said...

what's a vacation? lol I have only had 1 girl but have had 4 boys, and the one thing i noticed with my daughter(also the youngest) was that my breasts were sore/tender during the entire pregnancy as compared to just the very beginning with my boys.

Sarah Kuhn said...

This is so exciting! Babies are God's fairy-tales... pure magic :)