this week's thrifted finds: 30+ baby items, petunia pickle bottom, pottery barn + more

Last weekend I shopped at our city's biannual consignment sale and scored big in the baby department! I still have a few baby boy clothes left from our first two boys, but since they have been well used, I wanted to pick up a few more things for this one before he comes this summer. 

I've found a handful of clothes at Goodwill in the last couple of months, but the prices at this sale were better than GW's, because on the last day of the sale almost everything is marked 1/2 off. And the majority of the clothes I picked up were matched sets in better shape than most of what you'd find at the thrift store.

I was so excited to pick up all of these 25 items for $25 {1/2 off $50}, and most of them were either Carter's or Children's Place:

Ahh, they are so cute!! :D When I had boys 8-10 years ago, there were none of these adorable green and brown or gray and orange neutral outfits. Everything was navy and primary or bright. :D

I was thrilled to find so many fun little outfits for the price of like 1.5 outfits at Target! :)

And I even found a few baby goods that I loved- this Carter's striped sweater blanket was $3, and all of those brand new pacifiers in our favorite brand were $3! We love NUK pacis at our house. They are like gold around here....when one gets lost, we all stop and look for it until it's found. :)

And sometime in the next three months, I was hoping to make a few cute burp cloths for this little one...but someone else did it for me! :)  Four boutique-style burp cloths only cost me $3.50, and there was NO sewing required on my part {wohooo} to have all of these adorable ones handmade:

I even picked up a few fun things I might be selling here soon. :) I can't pass up a good deal when I know someone could use them! {if I sell them when I'm done or give them as gifts, I'm technically not a hoarder, right? That show scares me.}

I scored this Pottery Barn diaper bag:

And this Petunia Pickle Bottom one:

And I am in love with this PPB one I found too. It's not perfect, but it's still so darn cute I want to use it as a purse... LOL! :)

Can you tell my favorite section at the sale is the diaper bags? I always walk straight there first. :) 

Do you stock up at consignment sales too? 
I usually don't go to them, but with the new baby coming it was such a good thing I did this time! :)

What's your favorite accessory{ies}?
Mine - bags. No doubt. Shoes are okay, but bags are so much fun? And hey, they're practical too right? ;)

Best deal you scored on baby clothes lately? {other than free/hand-me-downs?}
$1 per item was pretty good last week compared to GW, but I've done better before- I once bought 3 trash bags full of big boy clothes for $25 on Craigslist. It ended up being less than .25 per item or something like that. :D That was a fun day!


Jenna said...

Great finds! I scored big yesterday in the diaper bag department, too. I have been in need of a new diaper bag for awhile and I am a huge pack-rat, so I needed something large & lovely...I have had my eye on the petunia pickle bottom weekender diaper bag for a long time. The price was just way too steep for me, though. Then, someone posted a used one on a moms buy/sell group, and I got it for less than HALF price! It's in great shape, too. Woohoo! The best part...when I'm done with it, I will likely be able to get all my money back from it when I resell it some day :-D.

Paul and Annie said...

At the last day of our local Just Between Friends Sale a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of nursing tanks for $2 or less a piece. I found an adorable maternity bathing suit for $3 and some great maternity sweaters for $2 or less! I also found NWT cloth swim diapers for $2 and A NIP Potty Training watch for my son for $4. It plays music either at 30min intervals, 60 mins or 90 mins- no more mom having to search and argue about potty time! Watch plays, he runs! Love consignment sales!!! My soft spot right now is totally the bag department, too. :-)

Alli said...

I love consignment sales!! I got so many cute things for Bug at one of our local sales for great prices!

Crys said...

When our family lived in a small town I LOVED consignment sales and stores. Now that we live in a larger city, the prices I find seem to run about the same as regular retail.

Cynthia S. said...

Wow! I wish I had been more thrifty when my children were young. I could have saved tons of money. Well, it's not too late to change! I'm learning a lot from you! Take care of yourself. ~Cynthia

Mandy said...

oh yay!! how exciting!! I bet you will be able to sell it for more! great job!! :D

Mandy said...

great job!! I need to find some good deals on maternity stuff like you! :)

Mandy said...

I can't believe how much more I like them than GW- the clothes are in much better shape! :D

Mandy said...

Oh no! do they ever give coupons out at all to compensate for their prices?

Mandy said...

:) aw thank you, Cynthia! let me know if you find some things!! :D

gillian claire said...

I love seeing all the things you found for your baby - looks like you found some great stuff! I LOVE thrifting for my littles as well :)

Shannon Ladner said...

That blue and yellow bag is so cute! I've never been to a consignment sale.. I should check my area.

Savannah Shafer said...

How much are you selling the pottery barn bag for? I have the pink one for my baby girl and am due with my first boy in three weeks! No diaper bag yet :/ ...The second baby preparation is so very different from the first!