Thursday, May 30, 2013

thrifty find: ann taylor loft summer dress {w/pics} + pregnancy body changes

Pregnancy is such a dressing challenge. For nine months your body shape is constantly changing, and not only that- you have to go through multiple seasons too! I have been a different shape for nearly every pregnancy, which makes all of my old clothes fit differently than they did before {every time!}. Thankfully, my last three have been summer babies, which means all of my preggo clothes have been summer clothes for the last 6 years. :) 

But that seems to be where the similarities end for me. :) I gained a lot of weight with my first baby, and with the second pregnancy just 9 months later {different seasons too}, I gained only 1/2 of what I gained with the first one, and I exercised with neither. The third and fourth pregnancies were girls, and with the first one I didn't exercise, and with the second one I exercised so I gained less. This one is a boy, and I exercise and teach fitness classes this time, so again, my shape is different than all of the other times. :) I can still wear my summer preggo clothes but they all fit differently than they did 4 years ago. :) I never know what to expect! :D

So I'm trying to avoid buying any new clothes at this point {who knows if they'll fit again?} but when I saw this Ann Taylor Loft dress at GW {Goodwill} a few weeks ago, I snatched it up! :D

It was in perfect condition- and just $4.99! :D I spotted the cute striped fabric on the rack a mile away. It's a few sizes up from my normal size, so I think I might be able to wear it a little longer, and maybe after the baby is born too! :D

29 weeks with #5
Even if I only wear it a few times, I'll be happy- you really can't beat $5 for a lined Ann Taylor Loft summer dress! :D And who knows, maybe it will fit with any future babies.... ;) It's worth a try, anyway. :)

What finds have you scored at GW recently? :D

Mamas- have you found your body changes shape with each pregnancy too? What about with girls vs. boys?
I tend to gain differently with boys than girls for sure! 

Do you tend to wear more dresses in the summer or other seasons?
I wear way more dresses and skirts in the summertime- they are so much cooler than shorts are to me! :)


Verna said...

I gain more and am more swollen with boys. My hair is drier with girl. I'm also sicker and for longer with boys. Pregnancy is strange sometimes.

Jamie said...

I haven't been to Goodwill recently (the one by my house isn't great), but I'm hoping to go to the one in a ritzier neighborhood to score some deals. As this is my first pregnancy, I don't know, but it's a girl and I seem to just be expanding forward. I can wear a lot of my pre-preg shirts with no problem, they are just getting shorter in the front. And generally, I wear more skirts/dresses in the summer, but I only have a few cute maternity dresses, so I don't know how long my non-maternity skirts will hold out with the belly band.

agoconnor said...

I have always been able to find good deals at GW, but I am willing to dig for them, and wait, if needs be. :) My latest finds were cargo shorts for my husband. He is a 34 - which is really popular or really not, since there isn't usually a lot of selection -, he likes the lighter weight shorts with extra pockets, and they have to fit him the right way. If he wears them for work, they have to be a neutral color, and no designs (plaid, camo, etc). I was so excited when I found 2 pair: a navy blue for $2, and a tan pair for $4! They fit perfectly! Thank the Lord for the little things. :)

Your dress is super cute on you, btw. :)

Anna McCrary said...

Well I had twins the first time, and the second time was just one. So major difference on weight gains and only my early pregnancy clothes from the 1st would fit for my second. My first was also summer and second winter (I prefer winter).

Unfortunately we don't have a gw :( So I tend to hit up yard sales and sales racks at local stores.

The dress you scored is an awesome deal and super cute!

Crys said...

With my girls I gained weight equally all over it seemed. With the boys it was almost as if weight was sucked out of my thighs and repositioned to my stomach.

Aimee Niblack said...

The way and where I gain weight seems to vary pregnancy to pregnancy, but can't say boys vs. girls made much difference. Other symptoms seem to be different though. I could tell 2 of my pregnancies just by the symptoms for me. For my last pregnancy, none of my maternity pants seemed to fit. They were totally falling down all the time. I had one new pair that worked and one non-maternity pair with stretch that worked the entire pregnancy. Love the dress you found! I don't know how you could nurse in it though. I don't know how you make it to GW. I have 4 kids 7 and under, and when I do make it to town (it's 30 min. away), I don't get to GW. Anyway, you look great and glad you had a fun anniversary trip!

Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog said...

I definitely prefer skirts and dresses in the summer to shorts or pants. I also LIVE in old navy jersey knit gaucho pants, LOVE them! I've only had one pregnancy that went full term (1 miscarriage at 6 wks) so nothing to compare it to. I saved all my shirts though, which is mostly what I bought. I did buy one pair of jeans, 1 kaki, and 1 pair of jean crop pants. I stayed in non-pregnancy shirts all the way until about 7 or 8 months so that was nice!

Lesley said...

you don't even look pregnant in the face-forward shots :)

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