Thursday, June 13, 2013

thrifty outfit: $10 Walmart dress + thrifted Banana Republic {+33 week pics}

Remember the $9.97 coral Walmart dress from Tuesday? Here's how it looked on with my $4 Banana Republic thrifted sandals:

I wouldn't necessarily call it the best maternity dress with the elastic hitting mid-waist, but I really, really liked it anyway! It's super soft, has adjustable straps, doesn't go too low in the chest, and hits the knee so I don't have to wear something under it! 

I was very impressed, and the hubs loved it too. He said I looked cute! :D

I'll take "cute" these days- especially when I don't feel super cute with this growing 33-week belly all out there... :) 

Hey, I will say the belly makes for an excellent armrest while I'm thinking/speaking though... hahaha! :) This baby armrest/bowl holder/toothpaste catcher just keeps getting bigger and bigger! :) {a good thing, for sure!}

I was at a shower for our sweet friends here last weekend- and I had the chance to get to know a new friend, Carol, who writes children's books! We had so much fun chatting about writing and blogs we both read! :D 

And oh my goodness, the shower was so gorgeous! It was an adoption shower for our pastor and his beautiful wife who are adopting a sweet preteen girl from Ethiopia this summer. I'm so excited for them! :) If you think of them, will you pray for them and the big transition that they will be going through this year?

{many thanks to my friend Danielle B. for taking all of the pics!! she did such a great job! :D}

So I have a question for you- have you adopted before? Do you have any advice for friends of adopting parents of an older child? How can we help them best? I'd so love to know your thoughts!

What's your favorite flower? 
Hydrangeas are mine- indoors and out. Aren't those purple ones gorgeous? ahhhh....

Any tricks for getting babies to move out of your ribcage? 
This one is either really, really high or really low, all the time! :)

p.s. stay tuned for a big giveaway later on today {Lord-willing!}! :D


Natacha said...

We have two biological sons (22, 20) and two adopted kids from South Africa (girl 9, boy 8).We adopted them when they were babies though.
Did you ever think about adoption Mandy? It is such a wonderful adventure!

Aria said...

hi mandy!
i recently discovered your blog and i have to say you are adorable and your family is so beautiful!
you've probably already tried this, but when i was prego with my son i spent soooo much time on my hands and knees. he liked to wedge himself into my ribs and just stay there for days (looking back i think it was foreshadowing of how he tries to absorb himself into me when he's cranky), but being on all fours seemed to help "loosen" him out.
congrats to your paster and his wife! what an exciting new journey; will definitely be praying for them :)

Janelle said...

This guy has had his little hooves tucked in my rib cage for three weeks now. At night they will ache something fierce. I rub down my rib cage and he will pop them out for a few glorious minutes before quickly tucking them back in. His oldest sister did the same, on the same side.
You look great by the way. and I love that dress. Gotta love wally-world. :)

Mary Quigley said...

We adopted 2 boys from Russia when they were 2 and almost 5. We also fostered an 8 year old girl for 18 months before she went to live with relatives. Not sure if you friends have other children or if this will be there first, because some of the advice is different.
Here's some simple advice I wish our friends had known
1. Raising adopted children, especially those adopted older and from other cultures is very different from raising bio children. Your best parenting advice may not work, and may just make the family feel like they are doing it wrong.
2. Families with newly adopted children appreciate meals too. Many churches provide meals when people have a baby, but don't realize that adding a child through adoption is difficult too. During those first few weeks and months, there is a huge adjustment, possible multiple doctors appointments, and just a change in routine. Having meals provided by friends is a huge blessing.
3. Don't feel sorry for the adopted child and treat them differently. I remember several times, with our boys especially, Sunday School teachers not dealing with behavior issues in class because they felt so bad for them being taken from their country. You're not helping the child or the family by feeling sorry for them.
I'm sure I could go on and on with things I wish people would know about international adoption and adopting older children, but I hope that helps. We'll say special prayers for your pastor and family during this time.

mrs.huffman said...

I don't know if your pastor and his wife have other children, but I would add to the above comment that the newly adopted children can definitely steal the limelight & attention from any other biological children. I have seen this happen with my nieces and nephews. Sometimes all the attention can make them less than desirable to be around. Don't turn them into a showpiece, but rather help them understand that they are no more or no less than other people around them. Sometimes adoption can be a source of pride (for the parents) and that is definitely not the message I'm sure they will want to convey. It is a beautiful picture of our adoption through Christ and can be a powerful witnessing opportunity as well.

Anonymous said...

I love hydrangeas! They were my wedding flower. :-)

Stephanie said...

Its our long term goal. Our church has a foster/adopt program. Some churches in our area offer trainings on becoming foster parents or adoptive parents. It is an important ministry.

Mandy said...

Oh that's so cool! I would love to adopt someday- I think it's the most wonderful thing!!

Mandy said...

oh thank you! thanks for the tips and the prayers too- I might have to do some of those stretches tonight- he's sooo high!! :D

Mandy said...

oh thank you friend! this one rolled over this weekend and got his feet at the bottom, and I wasn't sure which one I preferred! hahah! those feet have amazing kicking power, don't they? :D

Mandy said...

oh that's wonderful! thank you for sharing your thoughts- i know I greatly enjoyed and am soaking them up and others are too! thank you Mary!! this will be their second- their first little one passed away last year. :(

Mandy said...

oh that would be lovely!

Mandy said...

Oh, I do hope you get to do it! how nice your church supports you like that!

Mandy said...

that's great advice!!! and so true!

shay said...

Did you seriously get your hair cut?!?!?!?!? :O

Janelle said...

I would rather they were under my ribs than down below! He did that off and on until three weeks ago he has not flipped thankful. I thought for sure he was going to pop a foot out! :)

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