fall has come {and gone}, dangerous foods, and bonus goals

After the rain Friday, the fall season {70 degrees in Texas} came five minutes later {and lasted for five more minutes}, but I’m still savoring the sweet end of September. Zane is 6 weeks old today and it’s a little ridiculous how much I love him. I love snuggling with him in the mornings and getting those sweet toothy little grins. Ahhhh. I’m so thankful they are small for a while. ;)

The women’s retreat I spoke at this weekend was wonderful. The Holy Spirit was there and He was so good, and answered the many {many} prayers that I would be able to speak and focus. I am so amazed by Him. Truly. He is so kind and full of mercy. Thank you for praying for me!!!

The sweet girls who made the retreat possible thought of everything and made the whole event so very lovely. They gave us gifts and in it were three of my favorite things- an Anthro mug, a Starbucks card, chocolate, and more. :D I’m loving the idea of curling up to a warm cup of coffee like last year.

I’m also enjoying these- they were down $2 per lb. from last year- can you believe it? Ahh. Pecans. Yum.


Pecans are one of my favorite nuts ever, right behind walnuts and raw cashews. But they’re really dangerous- I can eat way more of them than I should. :)

But I have to say they’re probably not as dangerous as these babies:


For the record, I had no part in buying those. ;) Rob and I went to Sam’s together, and he made me put them in the buggy because they were $6 for 6 lbs. Such a good deal and all. Except for my hips. ;) Luckily they’re not the best gummy bears ever…

And I need your help. I bought this before the baby was born and never drank it:


I’ve never had kombucha before, but it’s technically expired. Is it like the expiration on milk? Will I die if I open it and drink it? Or does the fermentation get better with time like wine? I have no clue what it should taste like, so if it’s bad I might think that’s normal! :P Will it give me natural energy like it claims?

And here’s the before of a little project the hubs worked on this weekend. I can’t wait to show you the after!


Now that the baby is getting older, I can do a little more if he’s in the carrier/wrap, so I’m giving myself a few easy goals this week to see what happens. If they don’t get done, it will be okay. I’ve been holding a baby for 6 weeks straight, so anything that gets done will be a bonus. :)


midwife appointment- 6 week checkup
list 2 things on Craigslist
exercise 3-4 hours/ teach my 2 classes
try to avoid these Oreos {hardest one on the list}
store returns and gift shopping
take the children to a special outing/movie
bonus points: clean out my dresser/closet

And this week’s menus {staying with simple and mostly ready made}:
black beans and baked potatoes
pizza night
beans + rice
easy chicken tortilla soup
frozen freezer meal
barbecue sandwiches + sweet potato fries
dinner out

meals for me:
chicken + brown rice
baked potatoes
buffalo chicken sandwich on naan bread {my new favorite!}
chicken tortilla soup


Have you ever had Kombucha? Loved or hated it? What is it supposed to taste like?

What are your goals for this week?


Melinda said...

Kombucha is a fermented drink with a culture in it. My guess is that the culture goes dormant past the expiration date and it is no longer as "active". You won't really be able to tell by smelling it as it has a funky smell to begin with. As long as it isn't moldy, I'd try it.

Cynthia Bolt said...

For me I drink it all the time and I think it taste awful after expires I personally would not do it but that's just me :)

Anna Radchenko said...

I love naan! My friend just moved from India to America in January and she is teaching me how to make many tasty Indian dishes. Roti is a simpler bread that only has two ingredients and I've been making that every now and then to go with dinner. :)

I'm also interested in kombucha and would love to read others' thoughts on it :)

Aliesha said...

I love kombucha (especially that particular brand and flavor), but it is an acquired taste. I agree with the above comment - if it's not moldy, it's probably still just fine!

Anonymous said...

The Kombucha should still be good. I make my own and it can stand for weeks past and still taste amazing. As long as you have kept it in the fridge. Enjoy!!

Nicole Izquierdo said...

Check out manjulaskitchen.com ... She has a video demonstration for all of her recipes (and she's got a LOT of recipes!), including naan!!

Teresa W said...

My goals for the week: Make my bed every day. (my husband likes the bed made, pretty easy way to honor his desire:) Read my Bible and pray every day. I am redecorating a basement bathroom and would like that project finished this week. I already made one new recipe this week so that is off the list. I have never heard of Kambucha but I eat lots of stuff past the date. If it is still sealed you should be good to go.

loveleeliz said...
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loveleeliz said...

I also make my own kombucha and I love it! It's probably fine past it's expiration date, just a little more sour than it was intended to be. If you like fizzy drinks that aren't too sweet, you will probably enjoy it.

Ashlee Chavez said...

After recently moving from my beloved Chicago to a small small town in central IL (only for a year, God willing!), I miss Kambuchas so much! Luckily my amazing husband surprised me with a trip to Chicago last month and bought me a case of those babies to bring back with us (hello whole foods).

I'm still drinking (read: savoring) them and a couple are already way beyond the exp. date. I think you're safe.. but if you're breast feeding you might want to do some research because, confession, I'm 22 with no baby knowledge and probably wouldn't care if I got sick from drinking an old Kambucha anyway since we paid so much for them :)

cal+claire said...

I have that same mug! I made hot chocolate in it and cuddled up in my recliner (or more accurately cuddled "back" since I'm 7 months pregnant and my body hates me) to watch the rain

Adrienne Reina said...
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Tim and Angie said...

If it's expired its gonna taste more fermented. I prefer fresher ones. Too much punch if it gets old. Cosmic cranberry is going to be kinda ... tangy.. especially after the ex. date. Try the blue green chia one. thats my FAVE. I find a great selection at the health food store. Seriously. Bue green (meaning algae) with chia seeds.

lacedbygrace said...

Well for me I've never had it, I've heard it doesn't taste great. But I always have to try for myself. Maybe one I will I try in the future.

Goals - help a friend with moving. Plan a bday party, bible study and fun activities with the family this weekend!! So looking forward to that. Oh and lunch with a friend on her bday on Friday.


fitfullfun.com said...

I have tried it! Definitely ick at first, but I did grow to like it. I was trying to replace my coffee in the morning habit with it. The cost was definitely not fun!

Anonymous said...

I make kombucha. It is a detoxing drink and is strongly discouraged for pregnant or breastfeeding women who have never had it before.

Gina said...

Kombucha may be dangerous according to WebMD but then again so is most of the food we eat.

Spicy Veggies said...

I didn't care for Kombucha when I tried it but my sister loves it. My goals for the week- re-make and send baby shower invites after half got lost in the mail, decorate the house for fall (mostly done) and get to the new fitness trails that just opened by my house twice more this week.
-Felicia (http://spicy-veggies.blogspot.com/)

Lori said...

Oh, someone PLEASE tell me how you tolerate that Stuff!!! I eat healthy, organic non GMO etc, etc. but I just can't jump on this whole Kombucha bandwagon. Does anyone else find it as disgusting as I do?

Anonymous said...

My two daughter's (age 6 and 9) and I love Kombucha. My husband has tried but he doesn't care for it. I have started making it at home to save money and learned a lot in the process. One thing is that once you refrigerate it, the fermentation stops. If it is left at room temperature here in Texas, it will continue to ferment, causing a less sweet and more tart flavor. Either way, I think it is fine to drink. I would drink it, but that's just me, and I'm definitely no expert : ) Although, I would consider researching (and by "researching" I don't mean ask an MD as they tend to be anti-anything natural) the safety of the drink for a nursing mother...I've heard detoxing is a big no-no when you are pregnant or nursing. Good luck!

mwimp said...

I can so understand the gummy bear thing. when I was preggers with my lil man me and hubster would go thru a 5# bag ever 2-3 days - that was the only craving I had. I cant stand them now, I burnt myself out on them, lol! I luv that mug and yum! pumpkin spice latte would be my starbucks gift card choice. my MIL and FIL have a small pecan orchard in Oklahoma and omword we'll spend half our vacation there harvesting them and then take em the nut house to be cracked and blown. it is so hard to eat the ones you buy after eating them so fresh! but alas I'm out from our last good crop....

Carrie said...

Are you close to Champaign/Urbana? You can find Kambucha at a few stores in Urbana...Common Ground and Strawberry Fields

JoyBelle said...

Have you had Cinnamon Bears? I'm not a fan of Gummy Bears but give me some Cinnamon Bears.........

Never had the drink. Don't think I could drink it, expired or not! The word "ferment" gives me goosebumps and not in a good way. I have a hard time eating cottage cheese, for example.

Well happy 6-weeks to darling baby boy!