the best mornings, big babies, weird beans, and monday goals + menus

I was here last Friday morning after Rob sent me away to spend some time alone. :) I was so, so tired and just feeling weary. I think the lack of deep sleep for so many weeks is really catching up to me now- so much so that I joyfully drank a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks {and liked it! hooray!}. Coffee + talking to Jesus + beautiful breeze= the sweetest Friday morning a girl could ever hope for. My husband is so good to me. :)

I love how he takes care of me and doesn't mind holding a baby or changing diapers or anything else. He's a keeper. :D
daddy and his 6-week-old hefty little wingman
And can you tell Zane is growing like a weed! Can you believe he's almost 7 weeks? I think he looks 3-4 months old.

Dinner is looking fall-ish for sure- I'm thrilled to get back into the squashes again. :D I have great plans for spaghetti squash with marinara or avocado...yum. I was so excited to see them in stock at Walmart last night.

And I'd never seen this before. I read the ingredients, and the grains are just pre-cooked with no added ingredients. I tried it and it's good- the brown rice tastes like instant rice, but hey, what could you expect?

And I spotted these for the first time too- I've never heard of cranberry beans! Have you?

I looked up recipes on Pinterest and found this recipe for Cranberry Bean Pasta Fagioli. Doesn't it look amazing?

And these tiny apples were only 97 cents per lb. I would love to make these into caramel apples with the kids. I think. Or maybe just apples with caramel dip... :)

And I completed all the tasks on my to-do list last week, and I even chopped cut Noah's hair {ahem} to boot. :)

Well, I technically cleaned out my drawers- I suppose it still counts if the clothes are divided into piles and still on the floor a day later right? ;) What's really sad is that I have more exercise clothes than real clothes these days! Priorities, right? hahah! 

I'm so soo thrilled about October coming tomorrow. It's the best month of the year in Texas. ;) That and Rob, Elijah, and I cover a week of birthdays, which makes it full of happiness and sugar in my favorite form- cake. ;)

Here are my "do, read, learn, and be" goals for the first week of October:

  • exercise 4-5 hours this week/teach fitness classes- 3 BODYPUMPS and 1 BODYCOMBAT
  • plan out October activities with kids/birthdays/etc.
  • plan out my days and weeks on paper again using the plan and this week
  • do devotions alone at lunch time {the baby and I haven't been getting up earlier than the kids these days}
  • list 3 items {watch out- more pop-up closet posts coming soon!}
  • make dental appointments

  • Isaiah chapters 40-55

  • family verse we are memorizing together:  

Isaiah 55:6-7
 Seek the Lord while he may be found;

    call on him while he is near.

Let the wicked forsake their ways

    and the unrighteous their thoughts.

Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,

    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.
be {character aspect}: 

This week I want to answer my children {and husband} with the words "yes" instead of "what" and show them that they are not bothering me. They are all asking me a gazillion questions a day- many at the same exact time while the baby is crying, so sometimes it does actually bother me, of course, but it's my response I need to work on. What isn't bad itself, but I want to change the way I respond altogether and break the bad habits I've made.

I just don't want to portray impatience to them with every question they ask me, as I've been more likely to do lately. Mama is definitely grumpier these days with less sleep, but it's not fair to them to treat them as if they are the problem or the reason. I want them to know they are welcome to talk to me {and when it's not the appropriate time to ask questions too. ;)}. I know the Holy Spirit will give me patience to deal with them, even when I don't feel like it, if I ask Him to help me be patient and shape me to be the mother He wants me to be. :)

And our meal plans for this week:

sausage and sauerkraut- a childhood favorite that's a rare treat, sooo good but soo bad... ;)
black beans and rice
dinner out
pizza night
chicken and red potatoes
tacos + refried beans
mystery freezer meal

me {lunch and dinners}:
tofu and basil rice stir fry
chicken and multi-grains {above}
baked potatoes
spaghetti squash + cranberry beans
boiled eggs and oatmeal {I've been craving protein like crazy the last 3 weeks}
chicken and red potatoes
buffalo chicken and brown rice

Lunches are still easy: sandwiches and chips or leftovers.

What's your favorite easy lunch {to feed a crowd}? I need ideas- preferably ones that take paper plates! :)

Any plans this week?

What good words do you use to respond to hundreds of repetitions of "mommy?" from your kiddos? I'd love to hear!


Jamie said...

My favorite easy lunch: Sandwich tray from the grocery store.
Any plans this week: Hopefully having a baby!
I don't have an answer for the last one since my baby is still cooking.

I hope you have a wonderful week! October really is the best month, birthday notwithstanding (I too am an October baby)!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I love it! God bless you for being so organized with that many little ones! Thanks for the inspiration

Ashley Ditto said...

Good for you sister! Getting away for some alone time can be so refreshing!

Lauren Swanepoel said...

Thank you for the planner printable, I needed it :-)

thechattymommy said...

Love this. You are such a motivator for me! Question for you.... What do you leave for Zane when you go out for a bit or teach a class? Do you pump? I can't seem to get my little one to take the bottle. I felt like the other kids did, but not this one. She is a doll and I try to cherish every minute as she will be our last baby, but it would be nice to go out for a little bit.

Becca said...

Your Friday morning is my absolute favorite; ah, beautiful (wish they could start that way a little more often ;)

Meg Farhall said...

I was a teacher before I had my daughter so I have had some major tests to practice patience with 30 teenagers asking for something all at once. I practiced saying yes and then my favorite term of endearment from my grandmother "doll", it always sounded kind of silly so it ended up putting a smile on my face and the students, it became a habit and I find myself saying it all the time, it reminds me to have patience even when I'm struggling.

halsteadmama said...

My fall back on lunch is PB&J or Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I have 7 kids 1/2 of them like PB&J and 1/2 of them like grilled cheese. I can't make everyone happy. :) I have no plans for the week except I have plans to make plans. We'll see if even that happens. Kind words . . . Ouch! I'll have to work on that.

Sophie from France said...

Plan: finish painting one closet and put the shelves. Exercise 2 more times (Monday done), clean the house.
Easy lunch: Belgian eggs (bread + yolk with grated cheese + beaten white , and shoo, in the oven) or flamenkuche (pizza dough + cheese + onions and bacon .. . in the oven too)
I'll copy your goals this week (especially patience) except reading (I have to finish the Gospel of John)....Aaaah be patient with my kiddos...So hard!!

Angieleigh said...

You truly do have an amazing husband! Not very many men would be thoughtful and loving enough to send their weary wives off for a little "me" time and take care of the kids, change a newborn's diaper, and I suspect that he also helped with homeschooling. You are so very, very blessed to have each other! :)

Renee said...

Here are some recipes that use cranberry beans from my favorite cooking girl ever: (This one is a bit complex)

Anonymous said...

Mandy, do you have any recommendations on exercise videos i can download from the net? My 2nd baby is 10mo and i need to get back into shape! :)

Sarah Parker said...

I have trained myself to say, "Yes, Love?" even when I want to say "What now!?!?!?!" :-)
My kids love hot dogs and Mac & cheese and PB & Js but I wish I could find healthier options they will love.
I am due in two weeks with our 4th blessing so I am just trying to focus on Him, pray and maintain emotional stability as I have been crying a lot for no reason this week.

Mandy said...

oooooh yay for having babies!! :D I hope delivery goes smoothly! congrats!! :D

Mandy said...

oh congrats on your newest little one!! :D I understand about the crying thing too! :D I love your yes, love idea! :D

Mandy said...

I love Les Mills anything from Beachbody, :D and I also blogged about other options here if that helps:

Mandy said...

oh thank you renee!! I have to check them out!

Mandy said...

I agree 100%! he is the most amazing man. Absolutely wonderful. :)

Mandy said...

I know what you mean! :D I need to try your French recipes Sophie!! I like the way they sound!! :D good luck with your goals this week!

Mandy said...

I know that feeling- we always have 1 that doesn't care for something. :) How's the plan going so far? :D love it!

Mandy said...

that is fantastic! I think it would change so much!! thank you for sharing!

Mandy said...

it was such a blessing! I hope you get one soon! :D

Mandy said...

You're welcome! let me know how it goes! :D

Mandy said...

I just feed him right before I leave and I'm usually gone less than 2 hours total, so he seems to be okay, and then I feed him again after I get home. I hope you get a few minutes out this week- it really does make a huge difference for me. :D

Mandy said...

thank you!! welcome!! :D

Mandy said...

oh it so was! :D I think every girl needs a bit of time alone. :)

Sophie from France said...

your "yes love" is a terrific idea, instead of answering "quoi encore?" with a bear voice!!

Sophie from France said...

I 'll send you the complete recipes, by e- mail...

Steph said...

Well, reading your "be" brought some tears to my eyes - feeling like that, too. We've had a new little one for a month now (he's number 4 boy), and my number 3 is getting the brunt of my grumpiness. Thanks for being real - and for helping give me some time to think through what I COULD do instead of just reacting. Going to read through the comments now.

Steph said...

Yes, Love. Beautiful idea!

molly said...

Mandy, I'm so grateful for the encouragement and inspiration/sharpening I find when I read your posts. Thanks for pressing on in this increasingly full season in your life! I'm blessed by the fact that God has put blogging on your plate!

When I hear, "Mamaaaaaaaa!" for the bazillionith time, I often use my boys' nicknames when I reply. My husband has given all three of them special nicknames, and that helps me remember how much we adore our blessings! I also use "yes, love?" or "yes, baby?" depending on the kiddo. Our 8 year old doesn't like "baby" too much these days :) Every now and then, I simply tell them I need a short break from requests. My oldest now understands that when twelve different things are happening all around me my brain gets "dizzy" (his terminology :), and that I need less input. Our four year old will even sometimes say, "Mama, after you have fed Jacob, would you please get me some milk?" because I've tried to sweetly explain to them that there is one of me and three of them. On good days I remind sweetly. Other days, I get to model how to ask forgiveness. Through it all, we are growing in grace together.

My favorite easy lunch is sweet potatoes! I microwave them, and offer several toppings: sliced almonds, craisins, honey, cinnamon, sometimes sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. My kids love them, they are inexpensive, easy, and healthy. AND, most of the toppings are my favorite salad toppings, so I'm encouraged to reach for the bag of spinach on those days and have a big salad for lunch! I also frequently do leftovers as lunch.

Mama Fry said...

I love making homemade mac n cheese with ham or sausage pieces in it. Not completely "Healthy", but oh so yummy.

Anonymous said...

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