the friday five {experiments, tricks for avocados, and sleeping like a baby}

It’s raining here- incredible, wonderfully constant rain- and it’s perfect background noise for doing school and preparing for a big weekend. I’m looking forward to a break from school tomorrow- we’ve been spending most of the day in one room working hard, so the weekend means even more than usual. :)

We did get to finish early enough to do a cookie experiment yesterday. Now that the boys are old enough to read well, I let them complete an entire recipe on their own for the first time {reading + fractions = cookies… my kind of homeschooling}. Their cookies turned out better than mine! :)


In honor of the end of the week finally arriving, I thought it would be fun to share five of my favorite links from around the web today! I try to pin them through the week, so if you want to follow along on Pinterest, you can find me over here! :)

1. The truth. I’m sleeping just like a baby these days… ahem.


2. Avocados. What??? This lady is a genius.


3. Bloggers don’t lie. Give us wifi.



4. Preschool Worksheets. I’m using these with Ava!


5. The best outfit ever.


And that’s my Friday five! How about you?

What are five things you are looking forward to right now?
sweaters, 8 p.m. on Saturday night, October {aka birthday month!}, cleaning my house sometime this weekend, and having morning devotions again {I’ve missed them so much!}

Any great links you’ve found recently? Or blogged recently? :)

What’s your Pinterest link? I’d love to follow you!


Jessica said...

Hey Mandy! Your family is so wonderful, I'm glad to see homeschooling is going well. I'd like to homeschool my children, when I finally have them! I'm looking forward to cool crisp weather, 6 pm (out of work!) having friends over on Saturday night, surprising my Aunt by cleaning her house on Sunday, and a day to sleep in. Here is my pinterest link, I'd love for you to follow me. I also have a blog that is picking up speed. I've been feeling compelled to share my story about trying to conceive with others and especially this week I felt driven to just be a friend and supporter of other women in a similiar situation, and remind them that God is there for us and He will get us to our babies. Of course, you don't seem to have any troubles in this area, but I'd love it if you happen to take a look at what I've been sharing. Hope you and the family have a fantastic weekend!

The Lamberts said...

I love your blog! I have always struggled with consistent devotions, especially in the morning, when I know they benefit me most. Do you have any suggestions for starting a devotion routine that actually means something throughout the day, and is do-able when you have a 2 years old and are about to have a baby? :) I have a really hard time knowing where to start. Any suggestions would be super helpful!

Ulrika said...

Just one problem with the avocado trick. :) I've found that when you remove the "thingy" at the top the avocado will spoil faster and so if you do that you'll have to eat them fast. Mine easily start to mold in that spot anyway if the "thingy" is removed.

Adrienne Reina said...

I love this post so funny, thanks for sharing!! Love the cookie experiment...totally a learning educational experience for sure.

Well this week I transferred my blogger to wordpress you can check it out here @

Five things I am looking forward to right now...breakfast, the weekend, October--cooler weather, stretches, sweaters and boots, pumpkin spice lattes and for my baby girls arrival in jan!!

Blessings sis!

WeWeyants said...

Hey hon! Love your FB posts and the blog are both epic joy... Your pinterest boards are adorbs ♪♫followiiing♪♫! :) Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Whaaaaat? October birthday month? Me too! :D A totally awesome month if you ask me.
I had a great laugh at sleeping like a husband. Mine mostly has no idea if the baby cries or how many times I might get up and down to the kids (He's quite happy about it too ;) lol).

Sophie from France said...

Oh, I think I can not say "sleep like a husband," since it is he who gets up at night when the children cry ... "sleep like a wife??"
Five Things? Sleeping, October and holidays, applesauce with cinnamon, Friday night with my friends, My toddler's birthday...

Anonymous said...

Five things: Friday night lights (hey, I live in Texas and have 3 football playing sons), cooler fall weather, the holidays, getting my new blog up and running (soon ), and cuddle time with my hubs! :)

I have followed you on pinterest for a while. Her I am:

Lis said...

That avocado thing is blowing my mind! Can't wait to try!

At Pinterest, I'm I blog at a I'm too sproadic of a blogger, so not linking to any particular post. :)