v-day weekend, the best coffee mug + other lovely things

It was a lovely weekend if I do say so myself. :D

It started with a date with this guy for Valentine's at his very favorite place, Chuy's:

Well, actually, he is so good, he started Valentine's on Thursday by bringing me these roses. :D 

And thankfully the weather changed to beautiful on Friday, so our date was even more amazing. We had our tiny third wheel with us, but he was on his best behavior. :) 

We ended the night with Starbucks, where Rob bought me the best insulated mug I've ever used. My coffee gets cold fast in our chilly house, and so I have been looking for a mug that 1. was insulated, 2. had a handle, and 3. didn't have a flip lid of some kind. And now I have a mug that fits all three! {wohoo!} It works so well. I can't believe how much he paid for it, but that man sure knows how to love his woman. :P {He also gave me an emerald green leather purse. Man, what a guy! :D}

I've so enjoyed how my warm coffee lasts longer every morning. And did I ever tell you about my new best friend I have to go with it? It was one of my Christmas presents from my parents:

The ESV Bible is so different than my MacArthur study Bible I've always used, but I love it too. It's much more vague and often takes less of a hard stance than the MacArthur version, but it also provides more contextual information and visuals, and I really like the small size of it too. It's been lovely to use. :)

And speaking of lovely, I found this fabric in the remnant section at the fabric store for $5/yard:

It's bold and the flowers are huge. I can't wait to cut it up and show you what I'm making with it. :) I'm hoping to add that little fun project to my to- do list for this week. 

I'm not sure it will make it on the list this week though- here's what it's like to even try to write a to-do list in my notebook these days:

Zane gets jealous and makes sure I can't do anything but hold him. ;) He eats all competition.

One night when Rob's home and my hands are free again, I'd really like to make a round of freezer meals. Frozen meals like the lasagna we had last night make life so much easier {at least when you remember to put them in the oven, anyway}.

How was your weekend? Was it lovely? {ahem :D}

Do you have a favorite freezer meal to make in bulk? I'd love to hear! I'm thinking white chicken chili, and taco soup again.

Do you ever use foil pans? 
I buy them at Sam's and love them to pieces. I mostly use them for freezer cooking and taking meals to other families. If I remember right, they run about .33 each at Sam's instead of 50 cents- $1+ at Walmart or the dollar store.


Christa @ BrownSugarToast said...

I just made a bunch of breakfast burritos & bean + rice burritos a few weeks ago. I love them for easy dinners, snacks, or giving to other people with a jar of salsa. In fact, we're eating some of them tonight because it's been 'one of those days.
I have the ESV study Bible, too and love it. Although it cracks me up that you called it small. ;)

Betsy said...

I want to do the freezer cooking, but I don't know even where to start!!

Proverbs31Woman said...

My hubby and I also went to our favourite restaurant, taking our little one with us and ending the night at Starbucks :) Best night we've had in a long time first date in almost a year.

Mandy said...

mmm- breakfast burritos would be a hit! Maybe I'll do regular ones too! thank you!!

And I know what you mean about the ESV study one- they came out with a personal size that sold me on it! :D It's a tiny font, but I like how I can handle it with one free hand. :D

Mandy said...

oh, I just do a couple extra meals at a time right now, and eventually I think I will go back to a full month. :)

Crystal at MSM has a great series if you're new to it all:

Mandy said...

oh yay for great dates!! :D

Rochelle said...

It was snowing and cold and slick here for Valentine's Day. Yuck!! We took the kids and went out to eat anyway:o) I have been trying to put extras in the freezer. I can't seem to get the budget to allow bulk cooking, know what I mean? So I have frozen lasagna, chicken potpie and that's about it. I keep the ingredients for fajita quesadillas in the freezer and usually have shredded chicken that I can add to different things....also usually have baked goods frozen. We just bought a side of beef and we have deer meat and we are getting a half of a pig so I should have plenty of meat on hand and just need the sides. Hopefully that will save some money through the year.

Anonymous said...

Hubby took me out for lunch as he had a rare day off….with toddler in tow…but still loads of fun!! I also want to start freezer cooking, so this post is a very timely reminder!!

Heather said...

I really need to get going on my freezer meals. I due in about a month with #6. I am thinking of selecting 4 or 5 meals then just making a 4 or 5 each them. I bought my hubby a new study bible for Christmas too. Over the summer he discovered the Holeman bible and really liked it but ended up giving it away. So I bought him study guide one and had his name put on it so he has to keep it for himself :)

Christin said...

Not a freezer comment, but I just got that same mug about 2 weeks ago and it is my absolute favorite too. My husband has a red one just like it in his office at our church. I have tried to steal it several times and come back empty handed. I love having my own now. :)

E said...

I do meatloaf, mashed potatoes, meatballs, my favorite soup (German one my grandma used to make, eggs and flour, grated, flash frozen, and packaged) shredded chicken from a boiled chicken, broth from that same boiled chicken, and some lasagna that I can't eat since it bothers my son's tummy. Oh and breakfast sandwiches like the turkey bacon ones at Starbucks!

Nessa Bixler said...

Taco seasoned meat. Tacos are so easy when all you have to do is thaw meat! I make 4-5 pounds at a time and add in black beans. Par boil potatoes and sweet potatoes and freeze so they bake up faster. Omelet muffins (omelet ingredients baked in muffin pan) they thaw in a minute or so in the microwave for a fast egg/veggie breakfast.

Christina said...

I feel for you, with regards to your home being chilly... I deal with the same thing. :( I'm sure you keep your littles warm with lots of layers!

I wanted to ask if you've tried your mug in your vehicle and how it fits in the cupholder? I go in Target pretty frequently and the Starbucks there has tons of mugs... I've been looking for just the right one, but so far haven't been able to find one with all my preferences. Yours sounds like it might be just the one I've been looking for. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the Sams Club tip! I'm trying to do freezer meals this year since my husband is going to be gone on business trips a lot this year. It just seems easier, plus the lack of major clean ups (I don't have a dishwasher, so you see what I mean here). So far, I've done quiches, beef and cheese enchiladas, and homemade ravioli (got to love that KitchenAid mixer with it's trendy attachments). I make extra when I make it for dinner and just freeze the rest. LOVE the homemade ravioli! If you freeze the fresh dough and the filling seperate, then thaw, it takes no time to put together and boil. Is that cup from Starbucks? Cause I really want one now.

Sophie from France said...

Just a diner at home and a movie. Valentine's Day does not have the same importance in France, although many go to a restaurant or offer flowers (unfortunately, this is not the case with my husband - even though I gave him a gift!)
I freeze soups, leftovers for my husband's lunchbox ... but it's a good idea to duplicate the dishes and freeze the rest! I think I'll try to do that (if the kids do not eat it all before!)

Mandy said...

It sits in the top of the cup holder, but it doesn't fit all the way in. I think it's enough to hold it though?

Mandy said...

I know what you mean! I almost need to make duplicate dishes just to eat at this point! Growing boys eat so much! :D

Mandy said...

I do- especially since freezer type dishes use lots of cheese/meat/etc, they can get pricey for sure! Do you ever freeze beans? We have a few times and it's been nice!

Natalie Marie said...

Love your blog! I just started following recently and started my own blog as well. What a lovely weekend you had!! We went out to dinner by ourselves on Saturday while my parents watched the children. It feels so strange being out alone :p My hubby bought me chocolate <3
I love the idea of freezer meals but I just haven't been able to get into it. I don't know why, but I don't like having to make a ton of extra food just to freeze it, it's such a pain! I haven't found a lot of vegan meals that are freezer friendly. I tried to freeze some things before but they always get freezer burn and taste terrible! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. haha.