10 things I'm loving right now

10 things I'm loving right now in two words each:

1. This face.

2. Sight words.

3. Mess makers. :)

4. Caramel heaven.

5. Easy dinners.

6. Passion tea.

7.  Summer dresses.

8. Savory snacks.

9. Dried apples.

10. Brotherly love. :)

What are you loving right now? :D

Have you tried those garlic parmesan pretzels? Crazy good, aren't they?  :)

Are you happy for dress weather too? 
It's the first time I've worn one all year, and I was surprised how much my husband liked it. :D


Anonymous said...

melaleuca cheese crackers.....yum!!!!!

Devyna Hannah said...

My 16 year old son! My 8 and 10 year old sons! (Different stages...feeling SO blessed for each of them! Awesome kids!) Organic Tuscan kale salads, perfect weather and new garden sprouts!

Mandy said...

mmmm :D

Mandy said...

oh I love yours!! yay!

Amy Joy said...

your blog! It always puts a smile on my face. And my pregnant belly, with a little baby due in 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

My four blessings : Olivia 6 , Faithful 3 , Nathaniel 2 and Josiah 8 mo .
Coconut oil and Ghiradelli dark chocolate together.
Chicken fajitas for dinner tonight.
My best friend and husband Levi. :)

Sophie from France said...

Ok, 10 things in two words:
My children(it's been already 6!)
7: wonderful husband,
8: shrimps mayonnaise,
9: your blog!
10: sunny weather
but there are so many other small blessings!

Jenny said...

Right now I'm loving sitting on my front porch almost all day. I read, blog, listen to kids read, help with school, watch daring adventures on an exercise ball and a two year old, pet the dog, eat a snack and sip ice water.

mwimp said...

luv me passion tea and so much cheaper to brew at home.

Amy K said...

Have you had the chocolate covered pretzel crisps??!! Oh. My. Word. So so good. I'm nursing too and my sweet tooth is out of control.