a huge thrifting score {that I'm still swooning over}

Every spring and fall in East Texas, this magical thrifting goodness called the CCC sale happens:

The sale is four days of shopping in a convention center full to the brim of children's clothing and toys, with a little furniture and maternity clothing thrown in for good measure. :) It's kind of like going to Goodwill with only the better stuff to choose from {most of the time, anyway!}.

When Abbie scored free preview passes to this year's spring sale and texted me to see if I wanted to go, I think I responded with "Oh, yes" followed by multiple exclamation points. {I sometimes wonder if I speak in exclamatory sentences as much as I write in them. :) Had she called me, I know I would have this time!}

You know I brought my shopping cart along for this one. :)

In case you ever wondered, this is what the cart of two die-hard thrifters with 10 children between them looks like after 1.5 hours of thrifting:

Don't worry, we didn't keep all of it. ;) We always follow thrifting tip #5 I shared in my thrifting series: if in doubt, grab it anyway. {note: this is directly in oppostion to the rules of shopping at Target: "if in doubt, keep it out..."} :P

We went through our cart before the night ended and sorted that mountain down to our favorite items.
Here were a few of my winners:

1. Two matching Gymboree dresses, $7, and $10. These were from different people, but by some random chance, I found both of them in the girls' sizes. It was probably more than I would normally pay, but these were too adorable to pass up. :)

2. A fun Old Navy rugby stripe top, I think it was $3, but I can't remember for sure now. It was cheaper than GW, anyway! :)

AND my favorite find of the whole night?

3. This Ballard Designs banker's chair for....


It wasn't exactly a Goodwill price, but we had been shopping for an office chair like this one and I knew at Pottery Barn they run $400! :D

This one was marked Pottery Barn by the owner on the tag, but when we were loading it in the car, I noticed it said Ballard Designs {which is usually more expensive than PB, so it was a good thing!}. :)

I also found a couple of other items I might get to show you later if I can get around to wearing them, and I have a few bargains to pass on to you guys of higher-end clothing that I found too {so keep an eye out!}.

Have you had any luck with big sales like this one? What did you think?
I've heard ours is very good! :)

Where do you like to find your desk chairs? 
My previous best score was $8 from GW, but it was one of those nasty but comfortable antique chairs that broke after a couple of years. We've had to buy a couple of new ones recently because Craigslist prices have been pretty outrageous these days. 

Do you own your own shopping cart too? {heheh!}
I found mine at Goodwill for $5! :)


Betsy said...

Those are some amazing buys!

JoyBelle said...

Our semi-annual kid sales here are way too expensive. I can usually find the same or similar in clearance at the actual store than at the used sales. I remember when Goodwill used to sell clothes for just a few quarters! I find lots of chairs at our local antique mall.

Bonnie said...

Oh, yes, I have what I refer to as my " Canton cart"! But I don't take it everywhere with me. Great deals you got !

Anonymous said...

I go to a huge kid sale twice a year and love it. Always find good stuff and worth going to!

Sue said...

We have one of those giant sales in our area, and this isn't an amazing deal, but I thought it was kind of neat. :-)
I'm kind of a late bloomer on the marriage and family front; didn't get married until I was 39 and had my first little one 8 months ago at age 41. For years I didn't know if I'd ever have a husband or kids, but I loved finding cute clothes for the little babies of my family and friends. I have to admit that once in a while it felt a little bittersweet because I longed to have kids of my own. Anyway, I was at this huge sale a couple of months ago, and found an adorable dress identical to one I'd bought for my cousin's little girl about 6 years ago. In perfect condition, and in my daughter's size. Not a huge thing, but a sweet little blessing. :-)

Jessica Cook said...

This looks awesome! I've found a love for thrifting ever since I started reading your blog! Just had to say, thank you for opening my eyes to such a wonderful and FUN way to save.

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

I wish our area had something that wonderful but the best we can do is a great childrens' consignment shop(Im not complaining). And Im actually sitting in an almost identical office chair to your except mine is an antique with arms that my mom gave us since it was just collecting dust in her basement. We all love it! And you cant beat free:) Love your finds!

Mandy said...

I think everywhere has gone up- our GW is much higher too. The best thing about this sale is that everything is 1/2 off on the weekend! :)

Mandy said...

:D It totally is a 1st Monday cart! :D

Mandy said...

YAYYYY!!! a new fellow thrifting lover! welcome to the club!!

Mandy said...

LOL now you're right about that one. Free is way better than $30!

Mandy said...

awww that's SO SO cool!! thank you Lord for your little mercies!! :D

Jaime Steingrubey said...

Here in Iowa, we have some stores called "Stuff, Etc." ..It is a wonderful store. But as time passes, much as Goodwill, prices seem to rise slightly. However, with Stuff you consign your clothes, furniture, toys etc. It's such a blessing to take clothes the children have grown out of, sell, and be able to shop with store credit! Keeping an eye out for dishwashers there too! ;)

PS- Was fellow-shipping with some ladies during soul winning and come to find out, much of our styles are GW Fashion. Any guess on what GW stands for. ;)

SBlair said...

I totally get excited about things like this! It looks like you had so much fun! Awesome buys! :)

homeonthesiliconprairie.com said...

Mandy, don't you just love consignment sales. I have scored great things for my little swimmers. My girls love the water so we have to have multiple swimsuits since they are ready to get back in before the last one is dry. I used to own one of these sales and what I can tell you is that the volunteers are key to keeping them going. The sales can't run without A LOT of helps. For your readers - www.consignmentmommies.com is a listing for all the consignment sales across the country.

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

Awesome chair! :) I recently found a gorgeous antique mirror (like the kind from a dresser) for $35. It is SO gorgeous! I had been looking for a while and hadn't found anything... so I was really excited. Great haul :) -Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Lindsey Hellrung said...

Last weekend, I found a farm house dining table, minus the chairs, for $35!!!! It was a steal...it is solid and in great shape. Now all I have to do is find some chairs to match:) I love the art of a great deal!!!

Julie @ Loggers Wife said...

We don't have sales like that here. If we do, they are no where near me and I have never heard of them. I'm a bit jealous. I would love to shop something like that. The best consignment store is about 1.5hrs from me. The next one is 45min as well as the Goodwill (not a good one either) then there are a few dinky little thrift stores within 20min. I try to go to the good consignment store whenever we go visit my in-laws. I need to get there desperately as my toddler has has very little warm weather clothing.

I'm still using this awful computer chair I got at Walmart for my first apartment...9 years ago. It's a student desk chair that was like $20. All the cushion has gone out of the seat part. lol