laundry room cabinet: before and after {years later}

After a year-and-a-half of it looking like this, I finally got the urge to tackle our laundry room cabinet:

Oh my stars, why did I wait forever? {maybe it was the year of having a baby or something :P} The Zaner napped long enough for me to get a coat of super primer and one coat of semi-gloss paint on, and then I finished it while he played with the older children later in the afternoon. I decided against gray and went with regular white, and I love how it turned out!

So.much.better!! :D Now every few hours I'm standing there I get to enjoy a beautiful cabinet!! ;)

Have you ever started a project only to finish it years later like me? hahahah!! :P

Washing machine: front loader or top loader? Or the 1990's version? which do you prefer?
We went with a nice big top loader when we replaced ours last year, and guess what? They still break. :( I'm not sure if I overloaded it or what to make it leak like it does, but it seems like they just don't make 'em like they used to. I'm thinking about getting two cheap non-fancy ones with the center turbine thing to replace it! I probably won't, but I did consider it. ;)


Michelle said...

Our washer is probably from the 1990's.
However, we had to purchase a new dryer.
Those things are so confusing to use.
It's computer based, with a lot of extra's..
Even connected to the washer for sanitizing towels.
We'll have to pay an electrician just for that, next time we move.

Olivia said...

I thought my washer was leaking. Called the repairman. It was the pipe that drains the water out had a clog and the water would back up all over my floor. Our solution was to take the cap off the outside of the house and let the water drain on the lawn. It was a fix that never got fixed and we sold the house with it that way. My old washer had a filter that you cleaned after each wash but the new one did not. It never clogged when I had my old washer. Plus the repairman charged me 65 dollars to tell me to call a plumber.

Jess said...

I'm pretty sure you have the same washer/dryer that we have. The Whirlpool Cabrio? I love the amount of space in them (trust me, there's no way you could go back to the ones with the center turbine), but it took some time for me to love the w/d. I thought our washer was leaking last month and the water drain thing had just come out of the wall. It was a simple fix - my husband just put the thing back in the wall. It was a drop-in. I'd never seen anything like it. Anyway, you should check out the weird simple stuff like that before rushing out to get a new one. I was convinced we were gonna need a new washer... I did have a ton of stuff on the garage floor to replace, though :(

Alicia Anglin said...

I tore the seams out of a men's pair of swim trunks to make a swim skirt for myself. THREE & a HALF YEARS later, I sat at the sewing machine and finally stitched it up. Ridiculous! Haha:)

Julie @ Loggers Wife said...

-Story of my life. Projects regularly take me at least months. I started painting my kitchen cabinets in September. They are now 2/3 of the way done. Granted, I had to wait for the under sink cabinet to be fixed first and my dad couldn't get here until a few weeks ago. But still! Our fixer-upper home has gone from a 5-8 year flip to a 8-12 year flip. lol

-Top loader...and it's time for a new one. Mine is dying a slow death. My husband's work clothes are no longer getting clean. I've heard nothing good about front loaders, plus I wouldn't be able to open the door in my laundry room. So I'm researching top loaders that are great with both baby clothes and super grungy tree man work clothes. :)

Kreative Kidd said...

I very rarely finish projects I start! I didn't think much of it until my husband recently asked if we could finish some before we start more. Oops.

When we got married, I got my grandmother's washer and dryer. They were both probably older than I was. The dryer quit, so we replaced it with a cheap one that is still kicking. The washer lasted us until two years ago and my husband convinced me to get a fancy front load. I. Hate. It. We've pretty much had the whole thing replaced. Twice. I've never been so thankful that I purchased a warranty on an item. When it dies after the warranty runs out, I plan to buy an old fashioned, cheap washer to replace it.

JoyBelle said...

We started doing our 2nd floor bathroom but baby -SURPRISE- came a week early. So we didn't get to finish. He just turned 1 and... still haven't touched it. We decided to replace the flooring and we have to weld one of the feet back onto the claw tub (it keeps popping off which is SUPER SCARY when you're IN the shower - we have a big stack of heavy duty books behind it just in case it pops off again so the tub doesn't crash to the floor). Then the sink's HOT knob broke AND the toilet won't stop clogging (it's old) so........ we're going to take everything out of there, paint, fix the tub's foot, reglaze the tub, replace the faucet on the sink and put in a new toilet. PHEW!

But before we can do any of that we have to fix up the outside of the house. Don'tcha just LOVE having old houses and no money?! Ugh! We even DIY a lot of it and buy from the Habitat for Humanity REStore and it's still expensive. At least I have MOST of the bathroom painted, LOL! That's a start!

JoyBelle said...

BUT I did just completely do my dining room a couple weeks ago! In one night I primed and painted it. Just got my valances in the mail and hung them. Now we're just waiting on the gauzey panels that will go underneath (our neighbor is REALLY close so we need some privacy without blocking too much light). It's so fresh and bright in there now. Went from dark wine red (with oak floors and oak trim) to a pretty celery. The green looks so much better next to that orangey-oak color.

I also finished my foyer and parlor (both light yellows). And thankfully our brother-in-law finished our first floor bathroom before the upstairs bathroom drama (the downstairs bathroom was a complete gut job including gutted floors, ceiling and replacing the outside wall!). So despite the hiccups with the 2nd floor bathroom those projects have gotten done. My next project is to finish painting up the stairway which I may do this weekend after I finish my online orders from my business. Woo!

thislittlebirdie said...

Looks great! Head over to my blog to see how we repurposed our old washing machine into something totally useful...and sweet! :)

Mandy said...

how interesting!! I have no idea how that works either!!

Anonymous said...

Love the white cabinet. Yes we can be delayed in finishing projects to or even worse and procrastinate!