this spray paint is magic in a can.

Early last year I started seeing shiny gold spray paint popping up all over blogland and apparently, the Rust-oleum $4 version is one of the very best out there. {or second, according to Chris loves Julia and their test! :)} Of course I had to try it for myself... and I only waited a year plus to buy some. Back in the old days {you know, 2012}, I had to hand paint my gold frame instead of spraying it. ;)

I bought this outdoor lantern at Goodwill for $3 years ago, and I thought it might look amazing in a fresh coat of shiny gold. 

I think that little DIY intuition was right!! :) 

I hope gold never goes out of style again {though I seem to remember gold being quite big in the late 80's?}. Remember when Home Interiors was so popular? I can't believe I've already been through repeating fad cycles at 31!! ha! I totally remember the bleached shorts and plastic neon sunglasses and Keds, and what in the world? They're back already. 

I'm not doing those fads this time around because they make me feel like I'm 8 years-old again. But gold? I'll happily repeat that trend. ;) Especially if I have low-commitment spray paint to do the job for me!

p.s. do you think that big bangs will ever come back? I could totally rock that style with my curls. 

just kidding.


What trends have you already lived through? Did you do them twice {or more?}?

Gold- yay or nay? :)


Felicias Red Door Life said...

I don't dig gold much but as accent pieces I love it and on the cage? amazing!!!

I hope bangs come back I can rock them out like no one else can.

Bonnie Getchell said...

Love it!! Not a huge fan of gold, but I love that specific color of gold. Not too shiny/tacky.. more of an antique gold! :)

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Mandy said...

oh I'm with you girl! haha! big hair unite! :D

Mandy said...

thanks girlie!! btw, I got your email and I hope to respond soon!! :) life has been crazy {in a good way!}

Bonnie said...

If I did it the first time around, I sit it out the next time. Just my personal rule of thumb.

Michelle F said...

I've seen long dresses come & go, and come again.
I still have, and wear, some long dresses my mom made me over 13 yrs ago.
I can't believe their still in good condition, but they are.

Cristina Mcvay said...

Yes, this spray paint is magic. Thanks for sharing.