Wednesday, October 15, 2014

costco finds + reviews {love it or leave it scale}

When we hit up Costco last week I had a list of things to buy that were my favorites, and if you're a Costco/Sam's member you probably can guess what happened... ;)

I waited too long, and they had less than half of the items I came for. The seasons switched on me or something, and I had to find new things to try there. {insert happy/sad/happy face}

So I figured I would review our new Costco food favorites on a scale of love it or leave it {at the store}.

10 = love it, 1 = leave it! :)

1. Snapea Crisps

These tasted a little strange for the first bite but we quickly grew to love them. The baby is very picky about food, and he loves them too! They are made of snap peas and rice and a couple of other ingredients. The only downside is I can't stop eating them! hahah!

Love it or leave it:
** 8 **

2. Kirkland Organic Animal Crackers

Oh! These have something homey-tasting in them like cinnamon, and are more like cookies than animal crackers. The baby will eat them occasionally, but I don't like to give them to him because they are way messy! :) And I'm not sure what I was thinking bringing 4 lbs. of yummy carbs into my kitchen. They are slightly evil. And so delicious.

Love it or leave it:
** 9 **

3. Crispy Veggie Chips

I try not to eat chips or bread often, so these actual vegetable chips were an exciting find. I loved them more than anyone else in our house by far. I never thought I would be so excited about dehydrated veggies. :) They are salty and take a bit to eat each one {unlike processed versions!}.

Love it or leave it:
** 10 **

4. Snappers dark chocolate sea salt caramel treats

My tastebuds keep surprising me, because I thought I would love these and I didn't love them too much. I did like that each treat took a while to eat, but they were so salty that I didn't feel like I had much of a sweet. And they kind of tear up your mouth like Captain Crunch. If you offered me one for free, I would eat it, but I wouldn't buy them again. ;)

Love it or leave it:
** 5 **

5. Kirkland Soft & Chewy Granola bars

My kids love these, and I love how convenient they are. They do have corn syrup of the non-high fructose variety, and I think they taste a little weird like maple or pancake syrup. They were a repeat purchase, so I guess we like them well enough. I prefer my homemade version but luckily the wrappers on these keep me from over-snacking. ;)

Love it or leave it:
** 7 **

6. Rosarita No Fat Refried Beans

We love these beans for our Mexican food nights. My husband loves refried beans so much he will dip them with chips, and all the kids will eat these beans.

Love it or leave it:
** 8 **

7. Pre-cooked Organic Super Grain Trio {freekah, farro, kamut}

I have found convenience foods like these to be so helpful in keeping a healthy diet. I am the only one who eats these most of the time, though I will heat up one for Rob in a pinch. I only eat a cup or two of grains every now and then so making a big batch in advance doesn't work well for me right now. These packages are awesome, though they require a microwave {which we don't have anymore}. If you're buying for one person, these 90-second grains are worth the cost.

Love it or leave it:
** 8 **

8. Tasty Bite Madras Lentils

I mentioned these before, and we do love them still. I don't eat them myself {legumes and I don't get along}, but Rob eats one of these instead of sandwiches for a somewhat healthier lunch. I'll put them over chips, rice, or even pinto beans and he's a happy camper. He loves them!!

Love it or leave it:
** 8 **

 9. Pink Atlantic Wild Alaskan Salmon

I know I tend to like stranger foods altogether, but I love this straight up with a little salt. It's a splurge  to buy the wild version, but the wild version actually has less calories and way more protein! And it tastes better to me. It's a once a week food for me too, so I can get a variety of vitamins and proteins.

Love it or leave it:
** 9 **

10. Organic Butternut Squash

I love this squash! But- it goes bad rather quickly, so I've had to throw it out twice.  I am not fast enough to eat it all, and I waited too long to cook it both times I've bought it. :(

Love it or leave it:
** 4 **

Those are my current buys, but I would love to hear what you think! :)

Is there anything new I need to try next time I'm at Costco?  :D

Mixed sweet +salty = mixed emotions for you too? :P lol!

What do you think? Are healthier convenience foods worth the cost to you?
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