Thursday, October 02, 2014

life lately: recovery, breakfast in bed, fires, and toddling

We didn't move too far from our old house, but a few miles and a couple of towns away and our life suddenly feels completely different. We're still adjusting to the many changes, and {thankfully!} I've been in recovery mode for the last week, trying to rest in between unpacking and messes and school.

We took a school break the first few days after we moved, so I was happy to be served a relaxing breakfast on the couch our first day at home while Rob went back to work:

They must know I love carbs and drinks, because there were an awful lot of pies and breadsticks and mugs on that tray. ;) I can dig it. I've decided the slow life is for me. :) We actually moved to a smaller country town where I can run into the grocery store and get everything I need within a 50 yard distance. YES! :D

I went there to pick up graham crackers for s'mores...

and spotted these... and no, I did NOT buy them, nor was I tempted to: 

{Chad Scott, what were you thinking? No, just no!} ;)

This boy certainly loved his first s'mores campfire:

And last week I enjoyed my first slow "country" run:

Oh, the air out here. It's unbelievable. I'm in awe of the quiet and the freshness of it all. I was so ready for this. :) I've really needed a break. We worked on our house for months to get it ready for listing, and then the long move, and after the hectic-ness of it all... I can finally sort-of-almost breathe again. :) Now my focus is on being thankful and trying not to be overwhelmed by the aftermath and the constant mess. :)

Thank you Lord God, for good husbands who drop you off for coffee and a little alone time while they take all the kids to Lowe's. :) 

And for ones who go into the store to return your item and bring you flowers back. ;) 

The kiddos deserved a good break too, so we took a little weekend jaunt to the fishery for the first time:

We have much better luck fishing at the grandparents' house than there, but hey, the fishery did have stink bait. ;) The big boys were happy about that! :)

And speaking of BIG boys, look who's walking now!! :D


Five times I've seen a baby learn to walk now, and I'm still thrilled by it. :) Sleepless nights aside ;), it's so fun to be a mama! That smile when they finally make it over to you....oh, my heart. :D

What have you been up to lately??

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