Monday, October 06, 2014

our new "house"

I've been waiting so long to tell you about our move! Life has been crazy busy, but thankfully the last two nights Zane slept through the night and I feel so much better today! :P

We've moved about 30 minutes from our old house to right beside Rob's work. He's been commuting so much less now that we've moved, which makes his job so much easier. I think it's been a great change for us all.

The Lord has been very gracious to us and has provided for us at every turn with this whole house business. I don't know what He has up His sleeve for our lives, but we try not to look too far ahead, and just trust Him for every little step. I would have never expected this kind of move to happen, but we're overjoyed and so thankful for the blessing and provision! It's so awesome. :D

Right now we're living in a temporary house as this is what our future "home" looked like this summer:

We've been blessed to be given an opportunity to build a house in my favorite country neighborhood. :) We are SO excited to-Lord-willing- build a house that works for our big family, and have lots of room for the kids to play outside!

I can't wait to share all the building process with you as we go through it! :) We've never built a custom house before, and we're trying to do it on a squeaky tight budget, so I'm sure it will be quite an adventure! :) I'm hoping to have lots of good deals/DIY projects to show you in the next year! :)

Have you ever built a house before? Any tips for us?? I'd love to hear!!
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