Wednesday, November 19, 2014

life lately: the last 3 weeks in pics

You know one good aspect of getting shingles? {okay, maybe the only thing?}


It's when your mom comes down and folds all the clothes for you!

Oh, and then when she does the dishes too:

Though I have to admit, the hour of alone time at the doctor's office was nice too. :)

I had a pretty short case from what I hear- it took about a week to feel better. Luckily it was only in my neck/ear area and mostly internal. I'm incredibly thankful for medicine that may have saved my face from permanent nerve damage. It's been a few weeks now since I took the meds and I feel a nerve twinge every now and then, but I really believe medicine shortened the whole process by several weeks. Again, so very thankful for the Lord's provision there. Phew!

While my mom was here, I made this asparagus tart from the ^Forest Feast cookbook^:

My favorite parts were the puff pastry and the cheese. :)

And the next weekend after life was back to normal, we had the chance to go on a cheap date at a deli:

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream, but he ended up with a donut:

And I just wanted the cone:

I know, I'm so weird. {The cone is the only part of ice cream I like!}

And naturally, the only place we went after that:

It might have been the best trip to HD I've ever been on. They had refrigerators on sale. :)

Oh, man. I am so excited about moving in our house. It's probably good that the holidays are coming to distract us in the meantime. Isabella made a chart to check off the days left until Thanksgiving:

Really, it's too bad we don't eat guinea for Thanksgiving, because here was our backyard this weekend:

They heard the water running and rushed to get there. I almost thought they were going to befriend Rob, but they just wanted a drink. :)

Oh, how I love the country. :) 

{assuming those birds don't wake you up early, ha!}

Being awakened by a rooster always sounded so romantic to me... until the first time I had one wake me up before dawn. ;) 

What's your life been like lately? 

Favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream? Do tell!
We've never had it...yet! :) lol! I tend to like caramel/dulce de leche/anything without nuts in general.

Ever been woken up by a rooster? 
Believe it or not, I was an adult the first time!

^^ = book affiliate link from Amazon! :D
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