Monday, November 17, 2014

monday menus: chicken pot pie, black bean soup, and basil tofu

I planned these out last night, but after a very long Monday... well, let's just say I'm just glad to have a chance to post while it's still Monday. :D Sickness just keeps making itself comfortable in our little house this fall. : / I guess we must be really hospitable people or something. ;) Would you please pray for us if you think of it? 

:: dinners :: 
this deliciously terrible chicken pot pie
basil tofu, mushrooms + rice noodle stir fry {chicken + butter noodles for kids}
spaghetti marinara, salad, and bread
beans + rice
dinner out {hopefully, man!}

:: lunches ::
turkey burgers + black bean chips
lunch out
eggs + veggie + fruit

:: other meals for the adults ::
chicken + butternut squash
sweet potato + salad
salmon + veggies 
soup + polenta

Any other polenta lovers out there?
I may be the only one, but I love that stuff!! All it needs is a little sea salt and it tastes delicious!!

Is sickness making itself at home around your place too? ;)
I need some super vitamins or something. I think being at the end of the nursing stores makes you more susceptible to sickness. Having a toddler who licks the floor probably doesn't help either.
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