Thursday, December 04, 2014

an unusual Christmas season for us + December ideas

I might be in the minority, but I think Christmastime/December is one of my very favorite times of the year. ;) This season is looking quite a bit different than our usual Christmas since we're not living in our own house- so we won't be hosting parties, decorating, or having family come stay with us this month.

Even without a "normal" Christmas, I'm sure the kids will enjoy this year just like any other year. We are changing up a lot of our Christmas traditions, and we can still do a few of our favorite ones no matter where we are or what we have. :) I really want to focus on the birth of Jesus and to share His great love, and this unusual year is an even better opportunity to do that, right?

Here are some of the things we are excited to get to do:
  • watch *The Star of Bethlehem* again 
  • make a simple gift for our family members {last year it was sugar scrub}
  • do what we can of this advent devotional
  • make sugar cookies + decorate them, then give them away
  • take pictures of the kids
  • make our sponsored children Christmas cards 
  • make a popcorn garland
  • take the kids out to have hot chocolate {done!}
  • take the kids to go Christmas shopping for their person {they spend their own money, and it's so fun to see them get so excited about giving! :)}

We had our annual hot chocolate yesterday:

hot chocolate 2014 :D 
Of course, the hot chocolate wasn't enough sugar, so we had to get donuts too. ;)

December is off to a great {sugary} start so far! :D

How has your week been so far?

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? 
And do they ever involve donuts? :P hahaha

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