first nursery purchase + goals & meals this week

I made my first girl-nursery purchase this weekend! :) I loved these 50% off prints from Hobby Lobby/Lindsey Letters:

The white one will go in the nursery and the black one is currently hanging in the dining room. :D It's hard to believe April is almost here! I know time will slow down in June, but I'm kind of amazed at how fast this pregnancy is flying by at this point! I pretty much have a million things to do before July. :D I need to get on it!

Here's my d/r/l/b goal and menu list for this week:

// do //
move sofa + entertainment center to house from storage
wash 1 load of clothes each day
teach/attend fitness classes 5x
download music/upload pics to free up phone space
follow a simple morning routine 
go on long evening walk with the fam

// read //

Bible/devo daily
Experiencing the Presence of God by Tozer x 3 chapters

// learn //

3 more verses of Psalm 139 with the kids

// be //

I've been through a heavy patch of baby-growing lately so I've been extra tired! Every time I take a nap I sleep so deeply I don't want to get up! :) I'm sticking with naps as needed, but I'd like to focus on getting the rest of our house stuff organized, like going through our winter items and making chore lists. I'm starting with a goal list- that's somewhere, right? ha! :)

// dinners //

beans and rice 
easy chicken tacos with leftover beans and rice
spaghetti + marinara
eggs, turkey bacon + tater tots {aka breakfast for dinner}
chicken avocado rice {cooks in one big pot: boil chicken, add broth, + rice with salt + parsley, garnish with toppings}
dinner out

What are your goals for this week?

Any creative food ideas that involve chicken, beans and rice?? :)
After our last Sam's trip I'm almost afraid to go shopping! :P We're eating from the pantry until it's gone! :P

weekend happenings {in pics} + my favorite IKEA finds

Oh my goodness, I'm loving how things are finally settling down a bit around here! :D With all the new house arrangements, I put in a request for a trip to Dallas to use some of my Christmas gift cards. :D Rob made the plans and my dad was kind to watch the older kids so we could make a day out of it. :D

Our first stop was the ever-healthy Panda Express for lunch. I loved this place the last time we went to Kauai. I ordered the same thing I order every time {of course, right? predictable is my middle name :P}: steamed rice and spring rolls. :D {I had some of that irresistible sweet and sour chicken too. ;)}

Our next stop was a packed but necessary trip to IKEA:

We scored a new ottoman cover, my favorite makeup bag replacement {$5!}, and these candlesticks along with a couple of other items:

Outside of tax-free weekend, I've never seen such crowds- I think most of the DFW area picked the same rainy day to go out! ;) There were no parking spaces at the mall at all, so Rob dropped me off to shop:

Maybe it was so crowded because it was Anthro day! ;) {I didn't even know it, ha!}

The mall store was filled with people waiting in line, so I skipped back to the car without buying anything in record time. Rob had just found a spot and nodded off with the baby. :P

We drove to another store since I still had a gift card to use, and had a little more luck there. 

Here's a little sneak peek of what I bought {thanks, Mom!}: 

 Plates for the wall, and a new little pot for my orchid:

Overall, I didn't end up finding much that we needed or wanted, but we did find all the kids a little present for all their hard work with the move and new house. :) The girls got a pretty breakfast bowl set from HomeGoods, and the boys got a new pillow from IKEA. I stopped into Gap Outlet to find a sweater {no luck there either}, and couldn't resist picking up a few things for our itty bitty girl on clearance:

Gap baby clothes are so stinking soft and sweet. {swoon} :D Forget about clothes for me- I'm dressing up the baby! haha! :)

Even with driving in the rain and crowds, I'd say we both had a great time just not working. :P It's so good to feel life is getting back to normal! :)

What's your favorite place to find cute baby clothes on clearance?

Maybe-slightly-weird question: have you ever tried a hanging bed like the one pictured above? Does it give you motion sickness? I've always wondered!

Asian fast food- yes or no?
I never had any kind of Asian food at all until I was in late high school, and then after I tried it, I was hooked! :) Sugar + carbs + protein? um, yes!

happy almost spring days {life lately}

Our weeks have been full since... I don't remember when? ha! It seems like every season brings a new challenge in a way. :) I had never homeschooled 4 kids with a toddler before last fall, and then all the other changes in the past few months... temporary house, new house work, constant projects, pregnancy... with it all I'm really trying to find what and where is the best use of my time. It won't be long before I have a cute new little challenge in the mix! ;) {Less than 4 months to go now! Crazy, right?}

It's weird, but seeing signs of life and spring and having a place to put things in order again has given me so much relief. :D I'm starting to finally relax and enjoy life again and it's wonderful. :)

And speaking of life, somehow, through two moves and a winter, my little orchid survived and bloomed again!

I have no idea how it bloomed {I've killed every orchid I've owned in the past}, but I'm honestly hoping and praying the Lord will do the same for me in this new season.  I'm ready to feel life and joy and the sun again. :) And praise the Lord, I think it's starting to come back! 

On Friday night, I had a little getaway dinner with two of my men:

And thanks to the hubs, as of this weekend I have a place to hang our clothes now!! {I really could go crazy with smileys here too, but I'll spare you...hehehe}

And, another big praise- I now officially have a place to put away all of our groceries!! :D We stocked up at Sam's last week:

Couponers everywhere are cringing at the sight of our total {don't worry, I was too!}:

We did have two carts, but they weren't full. Buying in bulk takes a big hit when you need to stock up on nearly everything. Thankfully I think that's only the second time a grocery trip was that high. We did add shirts, wipes, and cleaning supplies to our regular grocery list so it wasn't all food. ;) I also buy more dairy and protein {like yogurt and chicken} for myself when I'm pregnant so I'm sure that helped too! I'm hoping to avoid Sam's for at least 2-3 weeks now!

After that bill, it was a good thing the latest MacBook OS update was free... ;) I love it so far {and it fixed a wi-fi bug the last update brought ;)}

I might be going overboard on all the good news, but we have a working bathroom sink and counter downstairs!!! :D We had our counters installed last week, and then Rob added the sink and faucet, and a doorknob! We {I} take so many things for granted, but washing your hands in the same room as the toilet with a door that shuts really is priceless. What a blessing! :D

Possibly as exciting as the bathroom sink situation was the day the sun came out and we opened all the windows to enjoy the perfect weather:

I am still smiling!!

For real. :)

It's been such a happy week here!

How has your week been? What's made you smile lately? :DDD

What was your biggest grocery bill you can remember? 
I once watched an episode of the Duggar's where their grocery store bill was around $1k- I feel like we're not too far behind and we only have 5.5 kids! :D My kiddos can EAT. Luckily, they love beans and rice! ;) We normally spend somewhere between $175-$250 every 1-2 weeks for groceries.

10 on 10 {life lately}

I saw this idea on another blog/instagram this morning and for the life of me I can't remember which one it was or find it- but I guess that's what happens when you have pregnancy insomnia and then take a morning nap. ;) It's March 10, so I wanted to share 10 {random} things today!

1//   We moved in our house!!

We had to be out of our cabin by the end of the month, which meant we moved in without a sink, oven, trim, doorknobs, and lots of other things, but WE MOVED in!!! And it feels so good.

After we moved out and cleaned the cabin {with help on both sides of that}, I felt like this heavy weight lifted off my shoulders that has been there since we started getting our house ready last spring! No more deadlines to move 7 people! Hallelujah! :DD I am so thankful to be done with that!

2//   The weather here in Texas has been insane.

No surprise, of course, but we went from nearly 80 degrees and this:

to this:

Zane's first snow experience!
To rain for DAYS and flash flood warnings last night. It's been all over the place. I'm hoping all this rain keeps our summer green and beautiful like it did last year! :)

3//  Unlike the weather, Valentine's Day was surprising. :D

While the man was working crazy hours, he got up early on V-day and left flowers waiting for me and candy with stuffed roses for the girls. :)  It made my day!

4//   My kids had their first wedding. :)

While daddy was away working and it was cold, the kids found lots of things to keep themselves busy. They orchestrated their first big wedding- complete with wedding attire! Noah was the groom/singer, and Ava was the bride:

Zane was the token umm... underdressed person. ;) 

5//    We've spent countless hours at Lowe's {I think I may have declared after 2 long trips in 1 day I would NEVER go back there, and then went back the very next morning...}, but no matter if it's Walmart, Sam's, Target, or Lowe's, I have some serious decision-making impairment when it comes to picking out these:

I can pick between dozens of milks, meats, canned goods, clothing, etc., but trash bags GET me. Why are they all so different in price/quantity/size? ahhh.

6//   One week in our new house and we already had a major accident:

Ava drove her Ezy roller under a trailer and lacerated her shin. We were so, so thankful for many things- #1 she hardly cried {she normally is very dramatic}, #2 the urgent care place took her at the last minute before they closed, #3 we had a great doctor who spent hours caring for her after they closed {!}, and #4 for antibiotics and medicine being so readily available to prevent infection. What a world we live in my friends. It's a great time and place to be alive in history. :D

7//  The kids are LOVING the new place. 

I find them playing games all over the house. :D

8//    If you're looking for me, however, you can often find me right here in my new favorite spot of all time:

9//    And I'll usually be holding this guy. He's been clinging to me pretty constantly since we moved. {Teething?} And I know he's mine because he loves seaweed... :)

10//   This is building a house with little kids, in a nutshell:

He's such a good daddy/plumber/trim carpenter/painter/best friend. :D

P.S. We have TWO working toilets!! I can't even tell you how thrilled I am about that!! 

What are some random things happening at your house lately? :D

Do you have something like trash bags that kills you at the store? :P