Creating a Clutter-free Space

Here is a cool article I read about creating a minimalist home. I really enjoy having free space- it makes me feel good to look around and not see stuff everywhere!

I would have to say one of the things that keeps me sane is having very little clutter/stuff in our home. With a 3 1/2 year old and a 2 year old around, it is nearly impossible to keep little trinkets or pictures within reaching distance.

We really have very few things besides furniture, and at this point we have no coffee or end tables in our living room. In my experience, a coffee table has only been a clutter and dust holder, and a hazard to little ones who are trying to walk. Sometimes I do miss the end tables just for holding drinks, but it has been worth it not to have one more place to set junk or papers.

I am on a mission to get rid of more stuff we have lying around- what the Flylady would call the 27-Fling Boogie...

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