Frugal Friday Dave Style!

When I read Crystal's Frugal Friday post, I smiled, because I was planning to post about Dave Ramsey this week! I guess we are on the same page! :)

My frugal tip for this week is to listen to Dave Ramsey's radio show on a daily basis. Everyday I listen to Dave's three hour show online while I am cleaning, folding clothes, cutting coupons, cooking, or just resting on the couch. I love his show! It really inspires me to be frugal with the money God has given us.

I get excited about ways that we can cut back and since we started listening last month we have been eating a whole lot more "beans and rice, rice and beans," and I feel bad when I see the inside of a restaurant since I am not working there! By listening to it daily, I am reminded of how important it is to be out of debt, and to "live like no one else."

To listen to the full three hour show, you have to go to the archives. If you have a laptop handy you can just carry it around with you or hook it into your speaker system.

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  1. Boy, we all must have Dave on the brain today, how funny is that!


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