Interesting Weekend...

Hubby and I had a very unique weekend... all day Friday I had been having contractions and lots of pain, so we decided to drop the boys off at my mom's house that night. By the next morning the contractions had faded away. So we spent the whole night and day together- alone! No little ones. We were busy taking care of errands and things that had to be attended all day Saturday. When I called my mom that afternoon she offered to keep the boys another night just in case. So of course we said yes :) (I mean what a rare chance!).

We went on a date Saturday night and went to Starbucks, all in our own town. It was so weird to be without children for two nights! The last time we did that was back in 2003, the two nights before our first child was born! I've wondered before what our life would look like without children-what would we do, where would we go- and I felt like I got a good idea this weekend. We went wherever we wanted, both got out at every stop, even just sat at our favorite restaurant and drank iced tea and surfed the internet. Everything was great and we had a good time, but it just felt.... well... empty. Like something was missing. Our boys were missing.

We really missed our two rambunctious little boys that have become so ingrained in our lives. They always go everywhere and do everything with us. They are just so much a part of who we are today. I would never want to go back to those days before they came. They bring us so much joy, and make us see the world through very different eyes. They made us see what life is really about- not just living for ourselves.

I know there are some days when I just want to give up and cry- I get tired of constantly being needed in this exhausting season of training and discipline. It was so good to step back this weekend and remember just how blessed I am to have these precious little ones in my life.


  1. Thank you for your encouraging post.

    As a newlywed, so many young mothers make comments to me like "enjoy the time now before the kids come along" and "go out for dinner as much as you can now, because once you have kids it's all over" and it seriously makes me think that motherhood must be awful :/ it's discouraging, because I really love Children and we are hoping to have a big family.

    Thank you for your encouragement :)

    Love in Christ,

  2. I know what you mean- I remember family members were adamant that we shouldn't have children for many years, that somehow they would ruin our life. It's so not true. They have been wonderful gifts to us. They are hard work to raise, but they also bring so much more joy than anyone ever tells you. God definitely knew what he was talking about when He said "Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward." Ps. 127:3 :)


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