Is this it?

What a morning! I woke up this morning around 6 from a dream that my belly was hurting. Sure enough it was hurting, but it took me several minutes to figure out I was having contractions. The pain was so much different than Braxton Hicks or medically induced contractions. They were so intense- and relentless! After about 45 minutes of contractions 5-6 minutes apart I woke up my husband.

I got up and went to take a bath and I was shaking- which terrified me because I usually only shake during transition! For some reason before this morning I thought we would have lots of time for the contractions to progress and get ready. At one point it crossed my mind that I might have this baby in this tub! :) I took a bath and then a shower and they calmed down a bit, then as we got our bags ready and got dressed they seemed to calm more.

At the moment they are coming about 5-10 minutes apart and are very light compared to this morning. I guess we will see if this is it! I need to get a few more belly shots before I am not pregnant anymore! The sad thing is that I still have not pre-registered at the hospital...

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