My Pretty New Apple

The MacBook is here!

I posted a while back about Apple's Deal of the Year, where you can get a Macbook and an ipod and a free printer.

I had been wanting a mac for a while and after my husband heard about the wonderful deal he surprised me by buying one for our anniversary ! I love it! It is so easy to use- installing programs is a snap. I really like the fact that all of your documents and items are in one place. On a PC, there are so many folders and so many things you have no idea why they are there. The mac just opens up and works without having to do any configuration or software installations.

The icons are sharp and beautiful! There are just so many cool features, like the photo booth and ichat, both of which use the built in web cam. I love the cool programs you can download from the Apple website, like Garage Sale (a Ebay listing program) and myNotes, which is a personal favorite. I will have to do more reviews on just the software later! I also saw a program for recipe indexing that makes grocery lists based on your recipes. I can't wait to download that one!

The funniest thing is that my husband is a programmer- a die hard PC user, and he loves my Mac. He has been a Mac-hater for many years but as soon as he sits down, he wants to use my computer (it also has 2 cool chess games included).

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  1. I have gone from being computer illiterate, to an iMac user about 2 years ago. I am still SO IN LOVE with my computer. When I go to work and routinely watch the PC's crash, I just smile to myself. Congratulations on your great deal. Happy blogging!!!


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