No good news?? 39+ weeks

Still no news on the baby front. Our little one is apparently perfectly happy to live in the womb and in no rush whatsoever to meet the outside world. :)

I have been given an induction deadline of September 4th, the day after Labor Day (go figure). I may have to beg and plead to extend induction to closer to 42 weeks. The doc is pretty adamant about not letting me be pregnant longer than 41 weeks. Every week he is almost certain he won't see me at the next appointment because I am so dilated and having contractions pretty consistently.

I just REALLY don't want to be induced. I was induced with my both of my boys and did it without an epidural the 2nd time. I am in no hurry to have non-medicated Pitocin-induced contractions. They are just relentless. I might be naive to think that natural contractions won't be as bad, but the unknown is far less scary than what I experienced before! I am really praying God will give me the ability to deal with the pain of induction if I have to do it again.

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