Things I have learned while parenting...

I have learned so much since becoming a parent almost four years ago. Before you have children, you have all these preset ideas about how children should behave, what they will do all day and how patient you will be with your children. It is amazing to look back- with those expectations, I wonder how I ever made it! :)

There are a couple of things I learned that help me stay sane as a parent and help the boys to do what is right. I learned it is very important, especially as they grow older to have structured activities into everyday as it is possible. I know there are days when things are just out of the norm, but those seem to be the worst days most of the time! We try to have things we do everyday, like schoolwork/coloring time, cleaning time, reading time.

Which all goes hand-in-hand with what I really learned just this year... it is so important to have a routine throughout the day. The boys both have an idea of what comes next. They often tell me before I tell them. It makes life so much easier. They used to take a nap in their chairs everyday, but for some reason they stopped sleeping there, which was making life miserable for all of us. We instituted a nap time in their beds, which quickly became a routine. Now they expect to rest quietly everyday (and so does mommy!).

It works for me! :) Check out what other moms have learned at Rocks in my Dryer.

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