Tired but so happy!

What a week it has been! We had to stay in the hospital until Wednesday morning and today was our first full day at home. I must be getting old because I don't remember the hospital being so uncomfortable before! Isabella is such a good baby and sleeps very well at night so far. I am just in love with her. I wasn't sure what it would be like to have a little girl but I am so enamored by her. :) She is just a sweetheart. She hasn't cried at all. The boys cried more in general, so I just keep waiting for her to cry more but she hasn't yet. She loves to look around and study things when she is awake. I love having babies.

Speaking of having babies- labor was so very different this time. It was very fast and not even close to as painful as the last two births. I was just starting to have to breathe through the contractions when they told me I was at 8 cm. I hadn't been checked at all yet until that point. The nurse came in for the first time (45 minutes after we arrived at the hospital!) and asked what I was at my last doctors appointment. I told her 3 cm and she said, well... you're about an 8 now. Very quickly they called the doctor, got my IV in and asked me admission questions auctioneer-style. When I told them I didn't want an epidural they said good, there was no time for one! The last 30 minutes was the most painful and intense. Finally the doctor arrived within 1 hour of my being checked in the room and he broke my water and declared it time to push. Eight minutes and 2 contractions later she was out! My whole labor only lasted 3 1/2 hours. It wasn't enjoyable by any means ;) but as I am looking down at my precious little girl, I know it was definitely worth it.

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