Two Awesome Custom Search Engines!

I was so excited to find out last week about Google's free customized search engine! The other day I really wanted to search my favorite websites for their reviews of one of my favorite books. Using regular old Google returned far too many results. After I made my Christian Homemaking and Womanhood Search Engine with results from my favorite websites such as Biblical Womanhood, Tammy's Recipes, Keeping the Home, The Sparrow's Nest and many others, I could easily find exactly what I wanted.

You can make your own search engine to filter the results from websites that you want to see. I also made a Frugal Search Engine which is below- it searches my favorite deal websites and frugal blogs.

The free customized search engine would work well for moms- it would allow you to personally filter the websites your children can search from, choosing only results from kid's websites you approve. You could also make it your default homepage for your web browser. My little ones can't read yet, so I haven't dealt with that safe web surfing issues yet :)...

If you like my two engines, you can use them for free on your own web pages. Just click on the link of the title and then click on the link that says add this search engine to my blog or website.

Check it out:

It totally works for me! Check out Shannon's blog for more ideas!


  1. ok, that TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Thanks! I just bookmarked the Christian Homemaking one. Thank you soooo much.

    Ellen in Texas

  2. Oh cool! I heard about this type of refined search a while back but never figured out how to do it (or took the time - ha). Thanks for spelling it out for me and making it look easy.

    Duckabush Blog

  3. How am I supposed to get any housework done now? :o) I will enjoy checking these out - thanks!

  4. Great idea.

    Thats a good one for schools too.

  5. Very cool--didn't know about this! It seems like the regular ol'Google gets more random results than sure hits!


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