Losing Weight...Frugally

After nine months of pregnancy and weight gain, I am always eager to return to my prepregnancy size very quickly. My favorite weight loss food has been soup. I eat soup at least once per day as a meal alone- it really fills you up as well as hydrates you (try not to add much salt, that only causes water retention). The trick is to eat only low-fat broth based soups, never creamy soups.I loved the Campbells Select soups Rotini and Penne with Chicken and Chicken Tortilla, although they run a bit more expensive than homemade or mixes. Many soup mixes are very cheap and only require you add water. Also, you can make it from scratch with chicken stock and vegetables and whole grains, and then portion it out in bags and freeze for each meal. Soup is so easy to make in large quantities.

I lost 30 pounds by eating soup frequently after my first baby was born. It is still my favorite diet food, and it is so cheap and filling! Check out more frugal ideas at Biblical Womanhood!

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