Casting Crowns and Leeland Concert

Wow- we had such a great time at the concert last week! We won backstage passes to the concert, so we got to do a meet and greet with the bands. We laughed about the meet and greet because as nice as the band members all were, there was just not much to say to them. They were like, "You guys from around here?" We said, "Yeah, we live right down the road." It's not like we could say, "How about you, you from around here?":) It was still cool though.

We were given box seats as well, so we got to go up into the box and sit in comfortable chairs and were served drinks and snacks. I could really get used to that kind of treatment! :) I told my husband I am going to want to meet the band and sit in box seats for every concert now!

With Casting Crowns (not all of them)

With Leeland

Here is one of Leeland's most popular songs:

And Casting Crowns:

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