Crazy Week

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind! Yesterday was my birthday, and we got up early to get to my hair appointment which was pretty far away. My mother-in-law was so sweet, she watched the boys for me. When I got back, the boys had made me birthday cards with their handprints drawn on them. Those were the first handmade cards they made me. It made my day. :)

After the early haircut, I drove back for lunch and a doctor's appointment. I had a quick lunch at my favorite McAlister's with my hubby then we drove over to the doctor's office. Everything checked out there :)

We dropped by hubby's office to show off our cute little girl for the first time ;) and then I got to go shopping. By this point we were all quite tired, but it was still fun. I picked out a few things I had been wanting. I even got a beautiful plate that I just really liked. I figure if I have to seriously start my diet now I should at least enjoy looking at the plate! :)

My mom came up and took us to eat at On the Border, which was so good! Ahhh...the last good (as in tasty and fattening) meal for a while...
We were all pooped after that and I actually came home and went to bed before 12!

But the excitement has yet to end... Tuesday my hubby won backstage passes and box seats to see Casting Crowns, Leeland, and John Waller! I was so excited, I got to hear him on the radio, and he won tickets. It's going to be great! So we are off for another busy night...

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  1. Happy Birthday! Mine was Thursday. Hope you have a wonderful year.


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