CVS deals this week 10/21

(the wipes were actually a two pack but were opened quickly ;)

CVS deals I did this week:
Tylenol Deal- 3 $5 coupons 8.69 x3 -$15- $4 off $20
Get back $10 ECBs= $2.93 profit

Gas x or Maalox 2.89- $1.00 coupon (get back $3 ECB's)
*$5 ECBs on alkaseltzer Buy 2 at $4.99 each, Use $3 and $0.75 coupons= $1.25 cost
*$5 ECBs when you buy $10 of Energizer Alkaline Batteries AA, AAA 8 pk., C, D 4 pk.,
Buy 2 at $5.29, Use 2 $1/1 coupons, Spend $8.58 plus tax (Get $5 ECB back makes it $3.58)
Herbal Essences 2/$6 (get $2 back ECBs)
.69 Three musketeers
$5 off 30

Buy 2 products at $4.49, Use 2 $2/1 coupons= $.49
Wipes 3.99
3.00 Campbells soups -.50 coupon= 2.50

The cheapest Revlon my store had was $4.49, so I ended up paying .50 instead of making it. I also had to buy wipes because we suddenly ran out, so that cost $3.99, then I filled in with my favorite soup so I could get the extra $2.00 off. I lost a small coupon somewhere in the store, then the cashier forgot to ring up my batteries and I couldn't see it on the display before I paid, so it messed my checking out order up, but I figured it out thankfully before I left. I could have had a bit more savings had those things not happened.

All in all, I went in with $20.29 in ECB's, and left with $15 in ECBs, and paid $2.23 out of pocket. So my total "spent" was $7.52, 50 more cents than the unexpected purchases of soup and wipes plus their tax. Not bad, $.50 for all the rest of it. Oh, and then if I get my Tylenol rebate of $5, I will have made $4.50.

I wonder how my family will like Tylenol and Alkaseltzer for stocking stuffers? ;)

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  1. Great job! Isn't it fun to make money shopping?!


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