Low-Cost Dinner Party

I found a great frugal dinner party idea last week over at Wisebread.com, where Myscha posted on Potato Ideas that Pop. One of her 11 uses for potatoes was hosting a cheap dinner party by baking potatoes for the main course and having your friends bring their favorite toppings such as chili, cheese, mexican toppings, italian toppings, or whatever appeals to them. You as the host can bake about 20 potatoes in the oven at once, and serve a meat topping such as chicken or beef.

I was so excited about this idea that we bought a 15 lb sack of baking potatoes at Sam's. It seemed a bit high at $7, but there were 15 or more huge potatoes, which would be about .46 each, which is far cheaper than our local Walmart for baking potatoes. We had company over and served chicken and queso, sour cream, and butter (we supplied everything), which brought our total meal to .86 per person. We used regular priced ingredients and chicken breasts, so if each one was on sale, it would be much cheaper. It was fun, inexpensive, and allowed our guest to make his food to his liking rather than being served a food he might not prefer.

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  1. This is a great idea. There are so many variations you could use as toppings. We like to do this for our family but I will be using this for when we invite friends from church over.

    Thanks again.

  2. That sounds like alot of fun! Thanks for the good idea!


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