My Favorite and Frugal Baby Wrap

Over the last four years, I have bought a few different carriers for my babies like the Baby-Bjorn style and the hammock style sling but they always become painful after 30 minutes of wearing them.

I wanted a cheaper and better solution after paying for things that didn't work, so I did some searching on the internet for a cheaper way to carry my baby. And I found it!

I love this wrap. I really, really love this wrap. I can wear Isabella in it all day without back or shoulder pain. In fact, when we went to the fair this weekend she rode in it the entire time (and slept through most of it!). As soon as I put her into it she falls asleep and when she wakes up she is happy. I have fallen in love with babywearing!

This wrap is so great because it evenly distributes the weight across the whole torso instead of just the shoulder area. It's so much more comfortable than anything I've used. I just can't say enough about it! :)

The even better part about this wrap was the cost- I "made" it for $5. No sewing required! Just five yards of gauzy cotton material all wrapped and tied around my waist and shoulders. It is similar to the Moby sling which costs $35.

Here is the tutorial on how to make a no-sew wrap.
Here is how to wrap the material to make a sling.

Thank you to the Mamatoto Project for all the wonderful information on babywearing!

Not only does this sling work for me, it also serves as a frugal way to carry my baby!

*In this picture she was laughing and cooing at the fair.


  1. Great idea! I have not had much luck with carriers either. With each of my two I have bought one and been disappointed. Next time we have a baby, I will have to keep your idea in mind. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this tip! I have sustained a spinal injury since the birth of my last child and we are trying for baby #3. All the baby carriers out there scare me with how much strain they would put on my neck. I will definately be trying this one if we end up having another one and even making them for friends ;) Thanks!

  3. this is a great tip. i love my ring sling but it was expensive....

  4. linked from frugal friday...
    where did you find gauze for a buck a yard?? (I love the color!)

    you could actually make 2 for the same price - just cut down the middle & serge edges - 22" is plenty wide (I suppose if you were doing fancy back carries with an older child you might need a bit more width...)


  5. You are so right, Tracy, I totally forgot to mention that you could make two at that price.
    I bought my fabric at good old Walmart on the clearance rack. :) I decided not to cut it since I didn't want to sew it and I was afraid it would fray unsewn. Thanks so much for mentioning that! :)

  6. Isn't it great? It took me 13 children until I found this one! I also appreciate Mamatoto!


  7. I found this site this summer and love it! I use the back wrap cross with my daughter (11 mos.) I was able to get loads of work done outside with her on my back and she giggles the whole time. It is so much more comfortable than a traditional carrier. Anyone who tries it thought should definitely put long hair up! I'm jealous though - great price! I used a super stretchy knit because it was thicker and seemed to support her weight more and paid $25. I comforted myself with saving a few bucks over Moby plus shipping costs. Congratulations on your frugality!

  8. It will be nice when Isabella gets old enough so I can use it on my back. I hope it will be easier for me to bend over and do housework.
    I bet that stretchy knit feels really great too- like a soft tee shirt!
    I will have to remember that about putting my hair up! You know your hair is too long when you have to keep it out of a dirty diaper you're changing! :)


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