Walgreens Deals week of 10/21

Walgreen’s deals I did this week:
Excedrin $6 ($3 coupon)
Genteal Eye Drops 7 ($3 coupon)
Maalox $5 ($1 coupon)
Gerber Baby 2 @ $1 each
$20 - $7 coupons= $13 out of pocket- $12 register rewards= $1 for all.
$2.99 Mail in Rebate Excedrin= $1.99 profit

I used the $12 register rewards to purchase the free after rebate Pepcid, Beano, Garnier Conditioner, and toothpaste.
Altogether, I spent $15.28 tonight and will get back $18.14 back on a gift card for rebates, plus an additional $2.99 for the Excedrin rebate.

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