CVS is my Favorite Store!

We just got back from the best CVS trip yet!

Here's what we bought:

The total before sales and coupons was $98.46, and I only spent $9 ECB's and $0.34 out of pocket. I got back $3.49 in ECB's. So my "total spent" was $5.48 for all of this! Of course only 34 cents came out of my pocket this week, the other $5.14 was from rolled over ECB's. I still have about $15 left in ECB's from last week.

Here's what I got:
1 Dawn
1 Trail Mix GrapeNuts
2 Large bags M&M's
2 Pampers Diapers Size 1 & 5
1 BC Powder
1 Blood Glucose Monitor
4 John Frieda Hair Products
1 Gallon Milk
4 Fruit2O's

At the bottom of my receipt it says, Today You Saved: $151.09. Oh yeah, baby! :)

Check out more deals others got this week at MoneySavingMom!


  1. OH my goodness that is incredible. How did you do that? It may help if I knew what an ECB was. WOW that is a GREAT GREAT deal!!!

  2. CVS gives away free stuff almost every week- and when you combine their deals with coupons you can actually make money or get additional products for free! It takes a bit of time and effort, but it's really fun and definitely worth it.

    ECB's are Extra Care Bucks, which are rewards you get back on purchases. You can spend them only at CVS.

    If you are new to it all, Crystal over at has a great tutorial on CVS and she actually works the deals for you each week so you can get the best deals. Click on CVS 101 on the right hand side to get started.

    We have saved sooo much money each week, and we hardly buy any household goods anymore- we get them for free! I hope that helps- I am fairly new to it all but can probably help or find the answer if you have any questions about it all!

  3. Way to go! I'm so impressed!

    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself in the process. :)

    Oh and thanks for the links to the freebies. I've been enjoying signing up for some here and there and finding fun things in our mailbox.

  4. Wayt o go Mandy!!! I love CVS and Crystal's site has been a huge help to me!

  5. Awesome deals! I'm determined I'm going to come out of there soon with that much stuff for that little money! Still learning - but I'll get there. I think I did good until I read everyone else's deals! Way to go for you!


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